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All the kids have gone home, the cake is eaten, and King Farm is now empty … except for the two of us who stayed to finish the cleanup and to rest.

But what a weekend it was when all our family gathered together to celebrate the 50 years that Dennis and I have been married. I will share more of the stories and photos from our weekend, but there isn’t time before this post must go live. So my plan is to tell more in my next “Friends & Family” letter, but here are a few photos from our phones from our time together plus a few stories that some of you emailed to us in August.

You may be wondering why we talked so much about our 50th anniversary in the month before the actual celebration on September 2. More than anything, Dennis and I want to let people know that God’s blueprints for marriage really work when two people work to put aside their pride and selfishness and experience true oneness in marriage, they can make it. We want to encourage you to trust God and love each other unconditionally in your marriage.

In response to our 50th anniversary blog posts in August we heard from some readers who sent encouraging emails about their own marriages. One couple was Brad and Tami Miller, who wrote to thank us for the influence we had on their marriage:

Tami and I both grew up in broken and dysfunctional homes. Like so many others who fall in love, we thought our genuine love for each other would carry us through and be enough for us. It took about five years of being married to realize that we had no idea what genuine love in marriage looked like — it had never been modeled in our homes. Furthermore, there were many other things we never learned growing up in our broken home, things like: What did it look like for two parents to be united in parenting, what did it look like to work through marriage conflict together, and what does it look like to honor God (the creator of marriage) with our marriage?

Brad and Tami say their marriage slipped into some dark years “when our dysfunction outweighed our ability to just ‘be in love.’” They reached a crossroads and “fortunately for us, we chose wisely at the crossroads.” They read “lots of marriage books” and attended marriage conferences, including FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember weekend getaway.

Fast forward, we have been married for 37 years now … We have led marriage ministries, helped thousands of couples through our counseling center and marriage coaching, and started an organization called Tandem Marriage, and written a few books on marriage.

Another great email we received was from John and Myrt Rule, who said they will be celebrating their 50th anniversary on September 22. John said, “We have attended Weekend to Remember eight times as we gave it as a wedding gift to each of our children when they were engaged and attended with them.” John also wrote:

Thanks for all you do to help families. We have needed help over the years and God has abundantly provided through some tough difficult years at the start and then the challenge or raising them for HIM.

When we asked for permission to use their story, John wrote back and added more:

God has done amazing work in our lives over the years including when I almost walked away from the marriage, (mainly my fault) in the early years but through God’s incredible grace He has kept us together, making mistakes together and learning together to trust Him.”

At the end of their email was a wonderful photo of John and Myrt with their seven children and 27 children; notice that the kids have numbers on their t-shirts that indicate their birth order! I look at this photo and praise God for this wonderful family that might not even exist today if it wasn’t for His incredible grace. And we loved their idea of numbering grandkids so much we took a numbered photo of our 27 too. Watch for it on September 28.

We truly serve an amazing God who wants to work in your life to make you and your spouse and your kids more like Him.

Thank you for helping us celebrate the Rainey’s 50th anniversary!! 

We are thrilled so many of you not only purchased Our Story, BUT you also gave above and beyond the cost of creating the book.  So we were able to raise enough donations to help cover the cost of a videographer to help us create a new Bible study from Barbara on disappointment with God. 

This new video, with accompanying Bible study, will be available in January 2023! What a gift that is for the continuing work and ministry of Ever Thine Home. We could not do this ministry without your support. Thank you for giving so generously! 

And in case you might have missed it, the staff at Ever Thine Home created this page where anyone can leave congratulations or share a story of how their lives or marriages have been touched by Barbara and Dennis over the years. We have LOVED reading YOUR stories! Wow, God has been up to some big things and we celebrate what He has done far and wide in the lives of HIs people.

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3 thoughts on “We Serve an Amazing God”

  1. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary❤️
    Wishing you and Dennis God’s richest blessings.

    I tried ordering your book twice online and for some reason I was unable to do so. Would you have someone call me and I’m happy to order over the phone. My phone number is 9257887574. Thank you and have a blessed day🙏🏻Marie A. Easterly

  2. Dear Barbara:

    Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary! Is truly a blessing seeing happy couples who stand through thick and thin and give glory to God.
    I want to ask you for advice.. My husband doesn’t seem to feel the need to be one in parenting, doesn’t have the need to be a couple. He’s a good man and an excellent father to my daughters, but he’s life is so busy than doesn’t have time for me. We’ve been married for 27 years and only God knows, but I feel most of the time like another child in our home, alone and without a spouse. Besides praying, what else can I do???
    I wanted to get married to have a Christian marriage and family and it’s hard not get discouraged after 27 years.

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