5 Years of ETH Surprise!



What started out as a big prayer 20 years ago, has now become a meaningful and beautiful story about God’s faithfulness to me. I am so thankful to have been able to share it with all of you over the last 5 years.

From our first set of ornaments, Adorenaments His Christmas Names, to now proven year-round ways for families to engage around spiritual truth and have meaningful conversations, I’ve finally created what I craved in my mothering years: tangible expressions of the Creator visible in my home, beautiful to behold and centered on True North.

It’s a profound delight of mine to share these products with my children and their families and with so many of YOU. It’s an honor when I witness my artwork in other homes, proclaiming faith to neighbors, friends and children. The message of Christ is everlasting and we all need it every day. Having those visual reminders around our home is good for parents and good for kids too.

The story behind Ever Thine Home is ultimately about a Designer with impeccable timing and limitless creativity. I continue to be amazed at the doors that open, the people who come, the ideas that bloom and most importantly, the stories from other women who have found joy in proclaiming faith at home through what we have created.  Though my artistic journey didn’t unfold as I would have planned, I trust the One who knows all.

Thank you, dear friends, for believing in us, joining our community and sharing our products in your home and with friends. We are grateful so grateful.

Happy Anniversary, Ever Thine Home! Here’s to many more years of believing beautifully in our homes and ultimately, in our hearts.

PS-To celebrate, enjoy Free Shipping on all Ever Thine Home products through June 30th, 2016. Use code: 5YEARSOFETH

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1 thought on “5 Years of ETH Surprise!”

  1. The Jesus’ Christmas Names are just such a favorite! In our home we have several student roommates. One just told me that last year (her first Christmas with us) she cried when she saw them in the tree. It meant so much to her and to have the meaning of Christmas so evident was so powerful for her. We all feel the same. Thank you for creating such classy meaningful home decor items! I’m not real materialistic. I like functional and meaningful things and these hit the spot!

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