Remember When You Fell in Love?

Remember When You Fell In Love

It was a warm, early summer day when Dennis invited me to go to lunch. We’d known each other as friends for three years in college.  But we hadn’t seen each other in a year, so we had a lot to catch up on.

One lunch wasn’t nearly long enough. So he invited me to go on a picnic the next day.  And a picnic still wasn’t enough. On the way back to my apartment, he asked me to go to church with him the next day.

So began a month of daily dialogue: sharing rides to work, dinners, and walks late into the evening.  The talking never ran dry. He listened to me as it seemed no one ever had. I felt comfortable with him like no one else. Our relationship was easy and natural.

Within two months this one long conversation led to a decision to get married. A conclusion we both reached after praying for God to show us His will. We married six weeks later.

Like every married couple since Adam and Eve, we found ourselves in places where that early ease was quickly replaced by discomfort, disagreement, and difficulties we never saw coming. The springtime oneness that was so real when we married dissipated like dew under the midsummer sun.

So how do we rekindle that oneness of first love?

A definition might help. Oneness is an invisible transcendent quality of perfect harmony. Experienced only by the Trinity, it is exactly what Jesus prayed for us! Why did He ask this of the Father? Because it is God’s goal for every marriage. But married couples are both imperfect and incapable of achieving this on our own.

How then do we recover that invisible but very real and needed quality that once lived between us? It’s not impossible. We’ve tasted oneness. The answer is going to Him, the source of what we need.

1. Ask God to reveal the truth. A heart examination is the first place to start. And not your husband’s. Yours. It is the special work of the devil to divide us. Jesus called Satan the father of lies, so start by asking: What lies am I listening to? What lies am I believing? Am I assuming the worst about my husband? It’s so easy to do. So begin by praying for eyes to see what is in your heart as a wife.

2. Ask God what has come between you if you aren’t sure. He who knows all wants you to know because His greatest desire is always reconciliation and restoration.

3. Ask God to guide you to have an honest, authentic conversation with your husband. All couples will have relational habits built over months and over decades. Just this week my husband said to me that he hated asking me to go anywhere with him. It was an overstatement because he didn’t really mean anywhere.  What he meant was going with him on ministry and business trips.

For years I let him know how challenging these “requirements,” for that is how they felt to me, were for me as a mom and for my personality. I don’t enjoy small talk, networking with strangers. 

But I have changed. I had a conversation with God one day. I let go of my need to control, to make circumstances fit my needs. I told God I was grateful my husband wanted me to go with him at all. I asked God to help me be positive and not negative about my husband’s desire. I asked God to help me enjoy every minute of this relationship.Of course I haven’t done this perfectly, but I have improved.

But in this moment Dennis was remembering how it used to be, he was hearing old tapes, forgetting that I have changed. I gently reminded him I was not as I once was. And he agreed. And I have old messages I hear in things he says too, when the truth is he has changed a lot over the years.

4. Ask God for patience with growth in oneness. Remember oak trees? Oaks of righteousness, the Bible calls us, don’t grow overnight. You want your oneness to have the strength of an oak, not the perishable quality of a squash vine. Trust God that your conversation may not resolve the issue immediately but may require countless additional conversations. Remember patience is what you are practicing. Multiple conversations may not be the way you want it to work out, but they are worth it. In God’s hands and timing, He will work the good you desire with increased oneness being the result.

As you work toward oneness in your marriage, begin where you are. Pray for God to grow you together. Offer this prayer as a start:


We married for


companionship indivisible.

Increase my vision.

May our marriage be

all that You imagined

when you brought us together.

For Your glory and our good.



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14 thoughts on “Remember When You Fell in Love?”

  1. My husband had a wonderful marriage for 5 years, and then he changed. I have examined myself and tried to improve where I can, but there is something going on with him that I can’t figure out. I have been praying for 3 years that our marriage will again look like Christ and His bride, the church.

    1. Denise, Thank you for your comment and for sharing openly about your marriage. It’s disheartening when things change and it seems there’s no reasonable way back. I am proud of you for praying for your marriage and for your husband. That is a testimony of faith and trust in God, the One who can bring about change in your husband, in you, and in your marriage. We’ll join you in prayer for hearts responsive to the Holy Spirit. Don’t give up. Hugs!

  2. Thx, i really needed to read this reminder this morning. Plz pray for for me & my husband. Our marriage is in a dark hole, void of any oneness,
    Thank you & bless you for sharing your heart.

  3. Thanks Barbara. Your reflection piece is right on the glorious button! Our greatest inspiration in marriage in the face of all its challenges is to seek to live out our marriage as God intended.

  4. Thank you Barbara. Such an encouraging message. I needed this especially the part of looking at ME and my heart. God has blessed me with such a good man and I think my expectations can be crippling not only to him but to US! Your emails are such s blessing and done in love! Thank you for opening your heart for Christ to use you! God Bless!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to open up with the struggles of your marriage in ya’lls past. It actually does encourage people who, like myself, are going through these things early in our 1 1/2 years of marriage.

  6. Karen klett knutson

    It’s awesome to have loving God even interested in us as a married. He’s the God of the Universe, wow think about that. It’s an amazing thought. I’m excited to see what God has in store continuing to build on to more oneness with each other. Thank you for sharing with us

  7. This is great and much appreciated. My husband separated from me in March of 2016. Just 3 weeks after a tragic home fire. We have had a very tough year. I am praying hard for my husband to turn back to God and reconcile with me. Incidentally, in October 2015 we attended a Family Life Today “I Still Do” conference at Thomas Road Church in Lynchburg, Va. I was so hoping that would help our relationship. I loved it but I guess the timing wasn’t right for my husband. Keep us in your prayers!

  8. This helped me so much today. We are a pastor couple who counsel and teach on marriage all the time. Oneness in marriage is near and dear to our hearts and we do our best to coach couples toward healthy marriages. We recently had a confrontation that revealed a problem we’re facing personally, which is very fixable with communication. I have to do some things differently and change, as you know, ain’t easy. Thank you for your transparency and the reminder that it’s a constant journey and sometimes a struggle to say in this oneness game.

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