Genuine Affection: Spoonful of Sugar


Competition is alive and well in all of us. We see it on a sports field, in business deals, and in brothers and sisters who compete for their parent’s attention and favor. But how often do we think about being the best at loving others? When was the last time you won a competition for showing affection?

Showing honor is a way to demonstrate love. It’s choosing to deny ourselves by giving preference, showing kindness, or giving grace to one another.

-What is the difference between genuine affection and pretend love?

-How can you as a parent encourage your children and your spouse to be competitive in showing affection for one another?

-What does it mean to show honor? (Explain that to your children even if they are preschoolers. Ask God to give you the words.  He will!)

-Set up a kindness contest in your house for one day this week. See who can serve someone else the most. Who can think of others most often. Who can set aside personal desires for what someone else wants.

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