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Home is a God-created need.  Even if your home of origin was ideal, it was not perfect. You left that formative place with its memories both good and bad, and its creators, your mother and father, to go out and make your own. Though determined to forge a different home, a better one in one way or another, we too soon discover that our efforts are as full of holes as a block of Swiss cheese. Dysfunction is in our DNA from the fall.  But our inability to create a perfect home is actually a gift because it reveals the God-created longing for a Home that actually exists in another kingdom. When we arrive there one day we will discover it to be perfect in every way. Our needs will be met as we can now only imagine.

Until then, remarkably He comes to make His home with us, as this verse promises and in us as Jesus also declared in John 14:17. The incredible presence of God gives us a taste of what Home will be like one day. God never leaves or forsakes us, as do our earthly parents. God’s love isn’t hot and then cold but is always working for us even when we aren’t aware. Why? Because God is love. It is not possible for Him to stop loving, like we His broken, weak, sinful children can and do.  

One day, we will know a Home of perfect peace with siblings who always get along! As a mom that sounds like a first-class miracle!

-Make a list of what everyone in your family imagines our real perfect Home in heaven will be like.

-Besides being with Jesus, have each person share what they think will be the best part of our Home in heaven one day.

Have fun imagining!

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