He’s Waiting on You

When I was a child my mother had a Coke bottle filled with water. She had a rubber stopper plugging the top. And on top of that a metal circle full of tiny holes that looked and acted like a mini shower head. She used it to sprinkle the clothes, getting them just lightly damp, before she ironed them smooth. That’s how I knew what it meant when it rained lightly and she called it “sprinkling.”

But Hebrews 10:22 doesn’t refer to sprinkling with water as I would have expected. Instead, it is a reference back to the instructions Moses was given on how to dedicate the tabernacle and the altar for God. He was to sprinkle everything with blood!

Every grown woman knows blood doesn’t clean anything. Oh no, it stains! Even Oxyclean doesn’t usually get it out!

But this is a beautiful encouragement to draw near to God. It’s a reminder that in God’s economy, in His heavenly Creator wisdom, we who know Jesus as Savior are made clean by His blood. The very thing that we expect to stain and tarnish, actually purifies. Jesus’ blood dripped down and sprinkled the ground beneath the cross.

Because of the cross we can have great unshakable confidence that our hearts are clean, sprinkled clean by His blood.  “For He who requires blood, remembers them; He does not forget the cry of the afflicted” (Psalm 9:12).

We celebrated Easter last month. Are you sill rejoicing in the wonder of your salvation, your new life in Christ?

Will you draw near with confidence to His throne, with the eager expectation of a child who knows his parent will happily scoop him up with a welcoming hug of love?

Will you encourage your children, your spouse, your friends to run to the throne of grace? Will you model that kind of relationship, talking to Him many times throughout the day?

He is always waiting for you.

-Make a prayer clock with your kids this week. Set it to go off 3 times a day. At each designated time, pray with your children. Remind them that God wants to hear from us regularly.

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2 thoughts on “He’s Waiting on You”

  1. What is so awe inspiring to me, is knowing that our God waits for us daily, to come into His presence. He loves us, and he loves to hear us pray. He loves hearing us give Him praise and thanks, and also wants us to make our requests known to Him, not that He doesn’t already know what we need, but just like our earthly fathers, He always has His ears attuned to us. It gives Him joy to hear from us. He loves for us to ask Him for His help and guidance every day. He truly loves for us to commune with Him each day. We do indeed serve an awesome God. Who truly does love us beyond measuring.

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