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Hey everyone!

Hope you are staying well and anticipating more “life” to return as the vaccine continues to reach more and more of our fellow Americans. In spite of the fears and even conspiracy theories, it’s a wonder that these vaccines were developed so quickly. And most everyone over 50 is eager to get it and grateful. 

I’m writing to say thanks for being an interested friend and follower of Ever Thine Home and for wanting to grow as daughters of the King and followers of His Son Jesus. It’s clear in the New Testament that we need one another, for no one is perfect or possesses all knowledge or all gifts. So in this space my goal is to encourage you and guide you in the truth I have learned from the Holy Spirit, my teacher and friend, and to remind you to listen to Him for yourself. 

I’m hoping once a month to send a more personal update along with photos (keep reading because they are below!). My mother and her mom and sisters used to have what they called a Round Robin letter as a way to keep one another up to date on their lives since they lived scattered geographically. (I wrote about this letter in the intro of my book, Letters to My Daughters, if you want to read more.)

Speaking of scattered, I’m currently studying the book of 1 Peter, which was addressed to the believers of the first century who were scattered across a wide geographical area. Peter wrote to update them on his life and journeys and to encourage them in the faith. I have always loved this little book and its partner 2 Peter. 

One of my favorite verses (I have hundreds of favorites) is: “Though you have not seen Him, (as Peter had when Jesus lived and walked on earth) you love Him. Though you do not now see Him, you believe in Him and rejoice …” (1 Peter 1:8). Jesus said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” (John 20:29). He’s talking about all of us since the first century who have believed without seeing! 

Both of those verses embolden me to keep believing without seeing. Jesus knows, is watching, and is with me.

Last week I went to be with my youngest to celebrate her birthday. It was almost two weeks past her actual birth day, but in our family we think it’s perfectly wonderful to celebrate birthdays past the actual date for it makes them seem to last longer. 

While I was with Laura I got more snuggles with baby Emma Cate and more delightful time with Lincoln who is becoming much more verbal. He’s putting words together into short sentences like, “Mimi. Come.” And of course, I come promptly! 

Lincoln is all boy and currently loves any kind of big machinery. He knows and can say chain-saw, digger, bulldozer, backhoe, dump truck, and every little boy’s favorite, trash-truck. A quick story because it’s too sweet not to share. Lincoln is almost always at the window or outside every Monday morning to watch the trash be picked up. He loves it and is always extra excited when the driver waves and, of course, honks his horn. Lincoln and his mama talked with the team last week and Laura shared about how much Lincoln loves trash day, has a book called “Trash Truck” and often requests to watch the short show on Netflix about a little boy named Hank and his friend Trash Truck. The team loved it and were all thrilled to show Lincoln all the special things. This Monday was special for Lincoln because Anthony (pictured below) brought him his very own toy trash-truck. I love that this man went out of his way to make a little boys day. This photo brings me joy!

Next week Dennis and I will be going to the farm to be with my brothers for the first anniversary of my mom’s homegoing. It’s so hard to believe it’s been a full year. I still miss her every day and probably will for years to come. Just this weekend I wanted to ask her about an old coverlet she gave me. I can’t remember who made it and when. Mom told me and I’m sure she would still remember, but now I have to wait for Heaven to ask. 

I’ll also be driving to spend a day with our oldest, Ashley, who lives only an hour away. I’m trying to get to her once a month to go to lunch, listen to her, and help her with whatever she needs. With a family of seven boys she needs all the help she can get! She’s amazing.

Soon it will be mid-February, which brings Ash Wednesday, the official start of the countdown to Easter. If you’ve been reading my blog for very long you know I am passionate about Easter. My prayer since 2015 has been to help right our upside-down view of this holy day. I won’t repeat myself here but I will be posting a lot in the coming weeks about the beyond-describing miracles and awe-inspiring sacrifice born of love for me and you. The Cross and Resurrection are stunning and fall-on-your-face worshipful.

If you have children or grands you can be with regularly, I hope you will take them through the Waiting on the Lamb countdown calendar and banner. Both are part of the Journey to Easter Collection: a reusable, beautiful, biblical discipleship journey for families. And like our Christmas collections all our Easter things will be discontinued after this year. So we are already discounting to encourage you to get one for your family and as a gift for someone else.

Thanks for reading. I am so grateful for all of you that I can’t see, who are scattered geographically, who follow and believe Jesus. He is pleased. And that is what matters most!


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