Friends and Family: Looking Forward to 2022

Merry Christmas everyone!

December began with three days for Dennis and me in a cabin at Mount Magazine, the highest mountain in Arkansas. The views are truly impressive. We enjoyed the slower pace and the opportunity to focus on writing with no distractions. I started a writing series of blog posts on “Disappointed With God” last summer, and it’s now turning into a book. So that was my focus while on the mountain. Eager to get it finalized so I can share it with all of you.

We returned and I finally began decorating for Christmas on the weekend of December 11-12. Much later than normal but it couldn’t be helped. I do a lot of golds and whites and “winter” décor so I can leave it up through January. Though it seems a lot of work for just a couple weeks, knowing I can keep a lot of it up longer makes it more worth it. I also like following the old traditions of the church of celebrating the 12 days of Christmas which last until January 6. Works for me!

This is our little table where we eat every night. I’ve had fun using small bristle brush trees this year.

Another little vignette in my dining room with more little trees. It’s one of my favorites. It’ll be                      up through January!

Savoring the wonder of what Jesus did is the goal of Christmas decorating, it seems. And I believe the twinkle lights I leave up are a great reminder of the Light of the World who came for me and you. (By the way, my blog post yesterday on Monday December 27 is about “savoring the Savior.” Hope you’ll read it and share it, too!)

Also this month we had two days of strategic planning for the year 2022. This was the first time we created a master calendar for the year and it felt so good. Obviously we can adjust and change things as the Spirit leads, but to have clear direction for new Etsy items, cards for Easter, a new devotion for the week of and week after Easter, new ebook ideas for summer and fall and more all listed on paper will be a huge help in getting ahead and in time management. 

I hope you feel a sense of anticipation for these ideas God has given for this new year.

And as we approach the new year, we still need many of you who love Ever Thine Home and have benefited from the blog to join others in meeting our end-of-year matching challenge. 

We are a bit over half-way to our goal and we’d so appreciate your support as we close out 2021.

We still have a few of my new book, Will You Follow the Star? which I’d love to send you for a donation of any amount. It will give you a jump on an activity with your kids or grandkids for gift giving for next year!

You can give online or if you prefer to mail a check, you can send it to Ever Thine Home, PO Box 242407, Little Rock, AR 72223.

To those of you who have given already, THANK YOU!

May you savor the Savior this week and find time to rest and be refreshed.

Ever His,



P.S. I want to thank those who wrote to say you are praying for us in our “trial” which still has not ended. We do see a small light ahead so we are hopeful. Once it’s all behind us I hope to share the circumstances and what God has been teaching us.

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  1. Hello,
    I haven’t visited this site in a while, and was looking for your inspirational home decor products. Do you not produce and offer them anymore? I saw a reference in one of your blogs that you are citing to offer more Easter items but I cannot finding products on your website.

    Thank you very much.

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