Why It Makes Sense to Wear White on Easter

white at Easter

Saturday as I was working outside on a glorious spring day out of nowhere came the words to an old Easter song by Irving Berlin that I remember from my childhood:

 In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, 

You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade.”

And then I thought how typical of us, especially as women, and particularly me, to make Easter about fashion and how we look. I loved making or buying adorable new dresses or little suits for my children for Easter Sunday. New clothes help us set apart a special occasion. Nothing wrong with that.

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But I realized Saturday in hindsight that my motive was also so my children would be noticed for how cute and adorable they were. Not exactly the devotion to Christ that Resurrection Day deserves. Happily there is grace for my shortcomings and mixed motives.

And then there are those old-fashioned rules, like declaring that wearing white or linen before Easter is an embarrassing faux pas. As I pondered this rule, I realized that somewhere, someone understood that believers in Christ will one day wear white linen in heaven. Wearing white for the first time on Easter Sunday symbolized not only our future, but also the dramatic change from the dark drab of winter to the clean newness waiting for us because of the Resurrection. By sporting some white, we declare our identification with Christ, our hope for the future, our joy in this greatest victory of all history.

So as you prepare for Resurrection Sunday, go ahead and plan something new to remind you of your new life in Christ, and something white, to remember that though your sins were as scarlet they shall be white as snow. But make sure your heart is focused on celebrating the Savior, not on being the grandest lady with perfectly adorned children in church on Easter Sunday.

Christ is risen!

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9 thoughts on “Why It Makes Sense to Wear White on Easter”

  1. Our daughter is 15 and made her First Holy Communion last year in May of 2019 at 14.She wore the poofy,knee length.short sleeve communion dress and matching veil with the lace anklets and white ‘mary jane’shoes and also had the white tee shirt with the cloth diaper and rubberpants under her dress.This past Easter,we dressed her in her communion dress with the lace anklets and the shoes and did the diaper,rubberpants and tee shirt under the dress.I did a cute,white bow with ribbons streaming down from it in her hair.Since there were no church services due to the pandemic,we had a family get together easter sunday and everyone thought the daughter looked very cute and nice in her white outfit!

      1. In some parishes,the first communion dress is considered as an extension of the baptism gown or dress the girls were baptized in as infants.so a white under shirt with the cloth diaper and rubberpants is worn under the communion dresses to represent the purity of the girls baptisms.Some moms have their daughters wear their communion dress on Easter sunday as their easter dress with their diaper and rubberpants under it.

  2. To SarahC.-Its the same outfit at my parish also for the girls easter baptisms.It is somewhat of a tradition for the preteen and teen girls to change into their cute Easter dresses after their baptism and wear their baptism bonnet with their dress and their baptism diaper and plastic pants under their dress.

  3. That’s What I suggest to my apostle about wearing white on Easter. Because we ministries where black on the first Sunday in the months. So I suggested that we wear white this Easter Sunday.

  4. Our parish does baptisms over easter and the boys wear white suits and all of the preteen and teen girls wear the traditional white,poofy,knee length,short sleeve baptism dress and matching bonnet,with lace anklets or tights,and white patent leather shoes.Under their dresses,they wear a white cloth baptismal diaper with plastic pants over it represent their purity of an infant.

    1. I am 17,and our parish also does baptism on Easter sunday.I was 16 last Easter sunday and baptized.All of us preteen and teen girls wore the traditional,white,short sleeve,just below the knees,infant style baptism gown with the matching bonnet,lace anklets and the white,patent leather ‘mary jane’style shoes.We too had the white cloth diaper and plastic pants and tee shirt under our gowns and we were considered babies and baptized as babies.My plastic pants over my diaper were adult size and fit me some what blousy and crinkled under my gown.Most of the teen girls had the adult size crinkly plastic pants also,but a few had regular toddler size plastic pants over their diaper.It was kind of fun being dress as a baby for my baptism and i wore my outfit the rest of Easter sunday!

      1. This comming easter sunday our 15 year old daughter is going to wear her poofy white baptism dress from her easter vigil baptism last year in 2019.She isnt going to wear her bonnet,but will wear her lace socks and the white shoes and will have rubberpants on under her dress without the diaper.

        1. Our two daughters are twins and ever since they were little girls,i have always dressed them up cute for Easter sunday in identical,white,poofy top of the knees,short sleeve dresses with a flower head wreath with ribbons down the back,lace anklets and white ‘mary jane’ shoes.They always looked forward to easter and being dressed in their white outfits.Up untill age 11,i always did a cloth diaper and cute rubberpants under their dresses to make them fell even cuter,then from 12 on,they wore just the rubberpants under their dresses.They both loved being like little girls and the cute rubberpants under their dresses made them feel that way.When they were 15,was the last time they dressed up in the outfits on Easter sunday and they both got rashes from their rubberpants.

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