Maundy Thursday: Staying Engaged

maundy thursday

I have learned a new concept in recent years.

It goes like this for me: When I am in a conversation with someone that turns to statistics, numbers, and percentages my brain begins to fog.  Soon I mentally wander away while my face stays pointed toward the speaker so as to feign attention.

Math has never been easy for me. It’s hard work trying to understand it, even though I know it is important. What I have learned is that this isn’t just me.

We all do this constantly. As I have been talking about new ideas for Ever Thine Home, new ways of creating things women would love, many of the men I work with have a hard time “getting” what I’m trying to explain. They either fight to stay engaged or they dismiss the idea because it just doesn’t make sense to them. This is not male bashing. It is simply true about all of us because of the way we are wired individually.

Holy Week is here, and each of us fights to stay engaged. We know these events of 2000 years ago were of life-altering importance. But all that happened, all that Jesus said and did, is so incomprehensible that our minds wander to places that make more sense … like our “to do” lists or our favorite activity. Then we feel guilty for not paying attention!  I can say all this because it is deeply true of me.

I need to discipline my brain, train my heart to pay attention to Jesus this week. Listen with me to some of what He said:

“…the things which I heard from Him (the Father), these I speak to the world.”

“I do nothing on my own initiative.”

“I always do the things that are pleasing to Him (John 8:26,28,29)

I shake my head at such statements. Then I want to move on. Literally.

Why? Because I can’t comprehend that level of dependence on the Father. It is foreign to my mental capacity just as math is a struggle for me.

But the words of Jesus are not insignificant random comments that can be ignored or dismissed. Every single word He spoke was in fact God inspired. Therefore I must make my brain pay attention. I must. Every word is inspired.

On Maundy Thursday “nothing on my own initiative” led Jesus to:

  • Follow the Father’s plan to celebrate the Passover meal.
  • Lovingly teach the twelve disciples, even Judas, to love one another.
  • Resist the temptation to call for a legion of rescuing angels.

Love was His motive in following the Father’s will. Love like this is beyond understanding, but we dare not get sleepy as the disciples did and miss even a hint of this truth. Let one of these phrases from the mouth of Jesus percolate in your thinking today. Ask His Spirit to help your mind focus and stay engaged this week.


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