Deserved or Not


We’ve all met those who seem to feed on a good argument or are bent on ruffling a few feathers wherever they go.

And let’s be honest—there are children who are simply itching for a good row with a sibling.  There were days when the fights at our house would resound down the staircase long before breakfast hit the table. Here, Susanna speaks to this timeless dilemma with mankind.

The wisdom of her prayer is twofold.  First, I marvel at her expressed desire to serve others, deserved or not. God Himself has never washed his hands of us—“I quit!” To become like Him means we cannot quit either, no matter how often we find ourselves provoked by those headstrong or irritating personalities.  Second, we witness Susanna’s ultimate trust in the Master of the Universe, the Sovereign Lord who, in mercy, mines the depths of every human heart. She knows the One with enough power to raise the dead, be it a corpse or a wayward heart.

Pray then for opportunities to bring others peace, to alleviate their pain, to bring a touch of hope. But also ask the One whose mercies are new every morning that those you serve might encounter the grace of Christ, Who makes all things new—no matter how impossible the task before Him.

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