Breaking Bread in Their Homes

Living in a prosperous country is a blessing in many ways, but it has downsides. One of those downsides is entitlement, the attitude that says I deserve to always have all I’m accustomed to. Before Hurricane Irma hit Florida, a TV reporter asked a young mom with a baby on her hip what she feared most about the hurricane. Her first words were, “Being without the internet for a week,” as she held her phone up to the camera. Not the safety of her child, which I suppose she assumed she could protect. Across the Gulf from Florida millions of Houstonians experienced a values lesson that was about to visit this woman.  Mountains of furniture, cabinets, and personal belongings now piled in front of thousands of homes in southeast Texas became a testament to the temporary and a vivid reminder of what matters most: family not fluff.

Though I have no idea why God allows natural disasters like hurricanes, I have watched, as have you, many positive results, the most oft repeated being, “We have what matters most, our family. We are grateful.” Entitlement grows from self-importance and a heart of pride, while gratitude grows from humility, the attitude that says I don’t deserve all that I have. Gratitude acknowledges the truth that “Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father” (James 1:17).

The early church in this verse modeled for us today a very simple way to nurture gratitude in your home. Giving thanks for every meal is a reminder to your children and to your own heart that God’s kindness has provided the abundance of food we enjoy. His goodness to us is not deserved, so in humility let us give Him thanks for the bounty before us.

May you honor Him today at home with a grateful heart.

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7 thoughts on “Breaking Bread in Their Homes”

  1. Dear Barbara, I love the ministry of FamilyLife ( I listen to the program every day while I am cooking supper) and the ministry of EverThineHome (I already have some of your creations)!! You are a blessing to me and many others.
    Also, I love how Jesus guides you to share very special words to challenge us as moms, wifes and friends!!
    Love and prayers, from Hungary

    1. Ellie,
      Your comment brought a smile to my face this morning! What a delight to know FamilyLife and Ever Thine Home is reaching you in Hungary! Dennis and I have loved the privilege of sharing what God has taught us with so many couples like you.
      Thanks for listening and reading!

  2. So beautifull!! Your messages always hit the nail on the head &
    Your home designs are all so special! I have quite a few of them & love each & every one!!! I hope you continue your messages for many years to come! Karen Silvers

  3. Perhaps, IN THE KJV -WHEN, BIBLE … Scriptures read – God said, to Lucifer & while & at that time of casting his #1 angel- God’s most beloved, yet,( Lucifer, was cast out of the heavens, for disobeying, God and challenges his creator-the one & only & the most powerful & loving, GOD), the God of light, love, and eternal life the only top and highest creator -there is no other above your God in Christ & then, unfortunate, still- the devil’s own selfishness came out of Lucifer- with anger, & jealousy & NOT being grateful, for already being a beloved, creature of the almighty & most high, God – So, THEN…
    Lucifer, was thrown down or cast DOWN, out of the heavens, into hell and due, 2- the uppity -rude attitude-as if satan, was above God, himself, also, as, if Satan, thought of himself, 2- be over, or above man’s position – Which, cannot be after God had, already made mankind -(in his own likeness & his own image -mankind was made unto (God’s own image), And that means- you cannot go over or above – God’s image or likeness, ever)-The Top No.#1 that’s -God’s position and God is over and above all things, having made all in all, knowing all, seeing all, & having all!!! – There is No higher God- (than, your- Lord God, in Christ Jesus, with the Holy Ghost!)😍 And God’s our Master or Heavenly Father – The Only #1/ One – God forevermore! Our one true love!!!😍☺😊 ☺(God)!!!! 😍😍😍 So, making man in his own image, God is the last & first word – No one challenges – God & wins ! Only God, is righteous enough too judge anyone, at anytime, & He is the one & the only-(good one)- fit too judge!!!! This left, the angel of light – Lucifer, feeling like- He’d, lost his time in service or his work or job type of seniority & his own Greed- mixed, with his own evil, plans to destroy man or turn man away from- God & Jesus Christ in the Holy Ghost, as well, and too trick man- into feelings of being completely- loyal & only towards Satan, then, forgetting -his One & Only Creator, God in Christ, see Lucifer, is blind, in his ignorance & jealousy & tries to take on his own creator, God himself,I’m Christ Jesus with the Holy ghost!!! AND not a good idea, at all & also, forgetting to be righteous & grateful- for our pure, loving, loyal & faithful, the most awesome, powerful & Loving, compassionate, kind- hearted, & forgiving, heavenly- father, of all our love, light, & eternal life & our holy #1 TRUE LOVE- in holy matrimony & joined, as one & our #1 one true love -( God’s LOVE) – our everything, 4 ever& ever more! Our One True Love -Perfected!!! & Our Praised, Holy Father of the sons of the light, & Our-#1, number one, faithful & true loving, creator, Our blessed & Loving, Jehovah-God!!! & Only the Top #1 – God & No Other God’s will be put before him!! We are bound, in holy one-ness, as a True Matrimony, of the-( #3 that are now, #2 -that are now, having become the #1 ) – The Number – One & are One & do agree as One and are in agreement as One & It’s done & God, hath already, overcome & won !!! God, hath the victory, over both Hell and Death forevermore!!! We are now, joined, as One True Love- United, as one -4 -ever & ever more 😍😍
    God forewarned: His lost one Lucifer saying: 2- Lucifer- “YOU, can do anything, you want to do too test them, but, you cannot, kill them”, And, “you’ll, NOT turn my children, against me”, So, then, futher scriptures- read, God, says,” Nothing, But the GOOD & Only the good things comes from ME, & No Other Thing”.’ So, I’m Assuming that (God himself,”only having good”, 4- his own children), -may not plan to or just doesn’t- really send hurricanes… Perhaps, it’s -Lucifer, testing (Gods children) – & working, 2- test their True Love & Loyalty and the faith of & too their own Creator or Heavenly Father-God! & The scriptures read…
    (Lucifer -means: [one who brings light] ) & God gave him the .
    PERMISSION- 2 -TRY US KNOWING, WE WOULD ALWAYS, TURN BACK- TO OUR GOD! Also, without the internet, 4 – over a week – now-a- days, that really could mean in many ways, as a way to find her child’s father, her own, parents, police, (during dangerous- looting, for example)- & food, emergency -hospitals, shelters, 2- do banking, work from home for income, reach out -2 – anyone at anytime, in order to provide her child, the quality of life – it deserves, even- meet with prayer groups, read the bible or find other’s -2- pray, with- during the tough days, ahead, We use the internet, now almost daily, like we use -2- use our stove or landline- phones or when, a FAMILY actually started, buying, (two cars)- Esp. if small children, might need a quick trip to the ER & for ordering, our deliveries, right to our doors, of items like, pizza, steaks, etc….groceries, and the many new ways ate growing like car services, uber, and private taxi, our banking, our bill paying, & contacting our employers, our daycare, our various forms of many types of transportation & So, we see more of God in Christ at work, even here, Do not be quick to judge another – Bible reads, You should “pluck the -2- by -4 – from your own eye, before trying to remove the splinter, from your brothers!!! (see, it’s also, very easy too be quick to forget, God’s rules, when, we also become in-twined, into the all time and knowledge consuming internet service)- It has also, helped me and my family stay in touch with my younger brother, wife and 3 children, in Florida USA / during all hurricanes and his position was spared, these terrible storms! Remember, this internet is- 2 – reach out both with compassion & empathy, as well as, pull us all- into a quick trip -(down judging, other’s -road) – & even, losing friends or family members, sometimes
    we cannot connect -as one, on one- or face to face -where human communications, work so, much better, with facial expressions, etc… So, it creates, millions of misunderstandings, every day and many people- including myself, (silly – immature and way 2-quick)- 2 judge, without- being in each other’s presence- have lost life – long friendships and caused hurt feelings, for lifetimes, in our own family situations, as well. ☺☺☺ Blessings & God be with you in Christ -always providing- his goodness- as he hath already promised his own!!!. 😍😍😍

  4. My husband and I cherish the readings from ‘Ever Thine Home’. They always seem to provide us spiritual reminders, which empower us to live our lives under God’s expectations. Thank-you for delivering these much needed messages.

  5. Love this-our church is a small group church & this is the verse most of us small group leaders hang in our homes to spur on the practice of not giving up-together for the gospel. Love ya’ll,

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