Words Matter (Part One)

Twelve years ago Dennis and I took a long and much needed vacation to Alaska. Every day we boarded a small plane with our new friends, Paul and Donna Claus, and took off for places unknown in this wild untamed vast frontier. The Baker ice field was our destination one day; a place beyond comprehension. Filling the space between a ring of mountain peaks, the sea of ice stretches 60 miles wide by 400 miles long and is thousands of feet deep. Paul, our pilot, landed his plane outfitted with skis instead of wheels in the middle of this unending whiteness. We deplaned to cautiously walk around. I’ll never forget the experience; the map like criss-crossing lines of deep blue crevasses, the feel of insignificance in the immense impossible-to-traverse span, the sound like walking-on-potato-chips crunch of our feet on the crusty pocked surface.

Perhaps this is what God’s storehouse of snow looks like.

Because words matter I’ve been fascinated by God’s use of the word snow. To Job God said, “Have you entered the storehouses of snow?” Of course Job hadn’t. God was posing dozens of questions to him all designed to show Job how little he knew about the Almighty. But I imagine after the inquisition was over and for years after, Job found himself remembering and pondering the questions like this one and imagining what storehouses of snow must look like. Wouldn’t you if God had addressed you like He did Job?

Why does God even keep snow?

Is it reserved for the fun of playing in it?

Does God dip into this bank to seed our clouds in the winter when He sends blankets of snow?

Or is His storehouse more like a museum of the endlessly beautiful one-of-a-kind snowflakes waiting for us to tour in awe one day?

I think God wants us to ponder like Job did.  

Ridiculously busy sums up the pace of most of our lives, so who has time to ponder much of anything other than what to have for dinner or how to get through this day that feels impossibly full?

If you have kids maybe you can make this a topic of conversation in the car or at a meal to help you and them be more than scanners of God’s word. Or share with a friend that you just read this verse and invite a short conversation about what this might mean? How might it change how you view God? Practice dreaming together.

God utters no idle comments, speaks no words without intentionality. He ordained His Words for our good.

Invite Him to teach you today, this week, about this verse and why He gave it to you!


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3 thoughts on “Words Matter (Part One)”

  1. Missy,
    I could have written your comment myself!
    Nature in all its forms, climates, etc., is my daily reminder of God’s glory and majesty, and His deep love.

  2. I enjoyed this article. I am so in awe on how God shows his glory through nature. The blanket of snow is a wonder. I’m so blown away by the unique sunrises and sunsets He gives us for our enjoyment. Sometimes I just want to get out of my vehicle in praise Him on the side of the road. How can anyone not acknowledge God’s glory through His creation?

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