Daughters Of The King


As I shared last week, I began writing a series of prayers in the winter of 2018 as I was processing some loss and experiencing a physical challenge. In the middle of that season I spoke at my daughter Ashley’s church’s women’s retreat to a group of wonderful women from college girls to grandmas. On Friday night before the first session I read the prayer below as a way to take us collectively to the throne of grace.

I read it slowly … so each woman could still her heart … imagine herself coming to her Father who loves her … speaking to Him as a loved daughter to her daddy.

Today, for us, this Ever Thine Home community of women spread around the globe, let’s pray this together, slowly, as we start 2019.

Daughters of the King

Lord, we come to You as sisters,

as daughters of King Jesus.

What an honor to be named…Mine,

Your own beloved child.

You know each one of us


but to our detriment we know very little of You.


We come before You today, at the start of this new year,

to invite You to reveal Yourself,

that we may see more of You.

Teach us, teach me Holy Spirit.


Lord, Your plans for us are all uniquely designed, one of a kind.

Unlike the woman next door,

or my friend I admire.

Unlike all the women who have gone before in ages past,

unlike those to come in generations future.

For this one of a kind plan and design for me, I thank You.


You know, Lord, the number of our days,

yet we do not know what tomorrow, this new year, may bring.

This knowledge is in your safekeeping

that we might trust you above our own abilities to control

as we are so prone to do.

For this keeping of my days, I thank You.


Gratefully, Lord, we know some of your eternal majestic character:

You are forever the same,

You are perfect Love and in you all fear is gone.

You are our Rock, the Stability of our times,* our Peace, our Comforter.

For this knowledge of You that centers and secures me, I thank you.


Open my eyes to see you more clearly,

this year.

Open my heart to fall in love with you in new ways,

this year.

Grant me the grace to trust you implicitly and thereby find

You are always enough.

I welcome you Lord Jesus,

Come teach me of Yourself.


*Isaiah 33:6

As the new days of 2019 dawn, I encourage you to pray the bolded words of this prayer over and over this week that your heart may stay centered on Him. Jesus told us plainly, “ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. (Matthew 7:7).

Why do you think Jesus gave us this directive with a promise?

Because He longs for us to know Him. He is mysterious only because He is so much greater than our little minds can imagine, not because He wants to be aloof. His desire for a relationship with you, which is always a two-way relationship, was so great He went to the cross for you.

My prayer for you for 2019 is that you will be able to say in twelve months, I have seen Jesus and I know Him more. What a wonder He is! And I invite you to share these prayers with other women that together we may change the lives of those around us because we have been with Jesus!


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11 thoughts on “Daughters Of The King”

  1. Thank you for this prayer. My goals included prayer and journaling this year. This prayer is right where I am and so very heartfelt. I will pray this daily as I get closer to Him.

  2. I sure needed this prayer at this time in my life.,He sure is enough for all my needs. I will be saying this prayer often! Thank you Barbara for your servants heart!

  3. What a beautiful prayer~. I’m going to write this in my journal as a way to start my daily time with our Lord. I would humbly ask for your prayers as i(we) navigate an especially painful season in our family. Our youngest son (24) is living a homosexual lifestyle . This is so difficult to wrap our heads around . We weren’t perfect parents but this blindsided is. It is so sad to watch him and the choices he is making. Heartbreaking 😕
    I know he belongs to the Lord . And I know God is with us, but it’s still tough for this momma (and daddy too).
    Thank you in advance for praying.

    1. Lisa,
      I’m so glad you wrote but cannot imagine the depth of your pain over your son. Nothing hurts like family hurt and our sheep wandering from Jesus. May He give you wisdom and peace and His love for your son. And may he come back soon.

  4. I will pray this prayer & share this post with my small group. Hallelujah, He is Alive forevermore. Hallelujah to the King.

  5. Tracey Suzanne Hooks

    Thank you Barbara for haring with us, your sweet and precious prayer! I will copy it and pray, as you ask! I’ve prayed as I start this new year that it be the year of Jesus’ return…but if it is not God’s plan yet…then to please show me how I can serve Him better and reach out bolder! I pray that God allow me opportunities to speak of His word in a more personal way and help the lost find Jesus! It is my prayer that God place into my life this year…a Paul to directly invest in me…and a Timothy that I can in return, invest in them! I desire to act on God’s instructions and follow thru with all He has asked me to complete. I truly pray that my legacy is known for Him and not for myself! Thank you for sharing your beauty…it is an inspiration!

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