Resting in Your Plan for Me



Lord God, Worker of all that is good,

It is easy for me to boldly believe Your good and sovereign control over all

as I look at the lives of others from afar.

In my friend’s life,

when she is struggling, suffering,

wondering what You are doing in her world,

I can so easily say in my heart, if not with my mouth,

God knows what He’s doing.

He will bring good from this.


I mean well.

And it is true.

You alone work all things together for good.


Ah, but when it’s my life suddenly interrupted by a medical issue or crisis;

when You bring or allow calamity that affects my world, my people;

when my hopes and dreams are derailed or dashed;

when my prayers are answered only with silence,

then my faith feels fragile.

I feel unmoored, adrift,

my previous confidence in Your good and sovereign control

leaking rapidly like air from a punctured life raft.


Thank You, my Savior,

that you never change,

even though my life lurches and falls

like a roller coaster

and I feel in turmoil from calamity.



You are intimately acquainted with my every need,

my every longing.

You are always working in thousands of ways I cannot see

And will never know.


My Father,

the great I AM,

Holy Spirit my Teacher, my Guide, my Helper,

reveal Your Truth

that I may learn what You have planned for me

on this ride of life.


Turn my unbelief into belief.

Help me cling to Your truth

in every new today,

and in each dawning tomorrow.


Thank You for Your good and wise plans for me.

I choose to trust You,

with what is known and what is unknown

because you are good.

I love you, Jesus.


Although the new year is always visually depicted as a sweet innocent baby, our lives as we enter every new year lack that purity. Pastor Tim Keller has said, “we are more wretched than we would ever believe,” meaning our sin and brokenness clings to us and until heaven cannot be thoroughly removed.

But the second half of Keller’s quote says, “and more loved than we can ever imagine.”

Many of us enter January burdened with broken relationships, carrying a life-threatening disease in our bodies, or grieving a great loss. Daily we need to be reminded that God is good. Nothing comes into our lives without His permission.

One day we will see Him face to face and all will be made right!

May the words of this prayer guide you to a place of contented surrender before a good, gracious and more-loving-than-we-can-possibly-imagine Father. May you rest in His embrace today and every day of this year.

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14 thoughts on “Resting in Your Plan for Me”

  1. Colleen D Turrell

    I asked the Lord to show me what it is he would have me do. What you shared gave me comfort and an answer. Thank you and God bless.

  2. Thank you for this timely message. It amazes me how the LORD seems to bring his Word and His HOPE to times of question and despair!
    His light does shine in our darkness!

  3. What a beautiful reminder. Thank you God for your love and for being in my life and bless my dear friend who sent this to me this morning whom I know cares for me and loves me too.

  4. My childhood friend and I connect in prayer and support multiple times a week. Though we live 250 Miles away we stand firm on Matthew 18:20 “When 2 or 3 are gathered in my name…” usually when one of us is weak the other comes through with the right words to say. So what happens when we both are going through?
    True intercession! This prayer is the most timely message for us both. Thank you for letting God use you to share these reminders with us on this day.

  5. I just love providential timing. & this prayer is mine and most ardently appreciated today. Love in Christs precious love, Kristy

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