Who Is He?


You know from fairy tale queens and real life royalty that when someone greets the queen that person bows and kisses her hand. This is a way to show honor to her and to the position she holds as ruler of the land. Any visitor to the Queen of England still does this today.

But we know someone who is far greater than any earthly throne holder.  During Jesus’ life on earth, He often encountered demons, bad angels. They always recognized Him as God, calling Him “the Son of God.” All of the angels in heaven know who He is and worship Him. Even all of creation, including every living thing, knows Jesus is God. Romans tells us, “Creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the son of God” (Romans 8:19).

It’s only people–men, women and even children, who have yet to recognize Him for who He is. We can have a direct and accessible relationship to Jesus, who is God himself!

Jesus is waiting. All the while people ignore Him, mock Him, reject Him, and think of Him as nothing more than a good man. But one day, this verse declares, every person and every living creature will bow before Jesus!

Can you imagine what that will be like? Are you looking forward to that day?

-How many people do you think will be there? Think of a number!

-How many animals and sea creatures and birds will bow the knee?

Try drawing that scene. You might need a really big piece of paper! Maybe you can draw it on your sidewalk or driveway so you have lots of space!


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