When God Disrupts Our Lives

Lives world-wide have been disrupted since January by the Coronavirus. Normalcy has been completely turned upside down. This Holy Week may we remember we are not the first to live with traumatic change. God Himself blindsided all expectations that week. The disciples, the religious establishment, the government rulers; no one saw the changes coming.

Will you dare to look for God’s invisible hands at work when your world is turned upside down?



Beautiful repetitions bind us together

‘we always bake these cookies,

celebrate this way’

give life and meaning 

raise us above our more ordinary days.

Other patterns, attitudes

like recipes

handed down from generation to generation

bind and blind.

Family histories of oppression, abuse, mediocrity

tragic, not new,

so too church families, God’s called ones

set apart to lead, to serve, to love, also fallen,

Oh Lord, how have you endured these slanders to Your Name?

What did You see, think, Jesus,

as the priests in Your day bound themselves to legalism over Love?

as they labored again on yet another Passover,

slaying and offering thousands of bleeding lambs

while You were bleeding for them

as you bled for me.

An unimaginable interruption to duty, traditions,

invisible hands tore the massive temple curtain in half;

aghast, horrified, did everything stop?

Did tradition-soaked priests attempt to cover the opening

to the Holy of Holies as if You God were suddenly exposed,

naked for all to see …

as was Your Lamb, hanging lifeless

on the tree?

What did these learned, illustrious, 

Perfection-driven robed men think, feel, fear,

as they gaped at two crimson puddles?

Rule-bound hearts passionately resist change.

The lure of legalism, universal.

I too have felt fear, panic, vulnerable,  

when You, Jesus, disrupted my traditions,

my preferred way of doing life.

I too have responded like Your temple priests

with high control crisis management.

O great Disrupter of all that keeps me from You,

help me look at every interruption

see Your invisible hands

ripping apart that which I falsely trust.

O Love that will not stop

help me welcome each moment of lost control

as another divine opportunity

to engage, trust, rest with You,

to discover You alive, calling me to more of You!

Your invitation ever present.

“Come to Me,”

You repeat thousands of times a day … to me …

to billions of lost tradition-bound souls on this orb.

May you increasingly hear from me,

Yes, Lord, I come to You.

Show me a new way,

Your way.


We humans have a love-hate relationship with rules. 

We love them because they give definition, curbs, guidelines, order and even safety to our lives. God knows we need them. But we hate them for confining us when we want to soar beyond their constrictions and limits. And so, all of us rebel and break the rules, the established order. We are born rebellious.

Easter is the ultimate clash of we rule-bound-rebels with the great rule breaker/transcender! Jesus both fulfilled the Law in every way and yet rose above it all by showing us the greater Law of Love. 

Because of our brokenness, our sin-sickness we can’t keep the law of Love; we need the governance of rules and laws to order our lives and world. One day all that will change when Jesus comes back to rule on earth with a new and perfect world order!

May you look at your own heart and ask, “How much like the priests am I? Am I trusting in my efforts to please God? What is my response when He tears down my hopes, my security as He did the priests on Good Friday?”  


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