What Is There to Talk About?

Summer is a time when we slow down and intentionally connect with our friends and families. Just last weekend my family had a large family reunion with aunts and uncles and great aunts and uncles and even great great aunts and uncles. Sometimes it’s a lot to even remember everyone’s names. So what is there to talk about across the generations and miles?

An easy way to get conversation going is to ask questions. People love to talk about their stories and their interests. And there’s much to be learned from hearing someone else share his heart.


Untie Your Story Friends (also available in Memories, Gratitude 1 and Gratitude 2) is a great way to ask intentional questions. A group of friends tried it recently at a church picnic night. Even the 18-year-old guys were sharing! Anything that can get them talking is a win.

Fun, easy-to-answer questions facilitate listening and connecting, something we all need help with at times.


As you soak up the rest of summer, find time to create meaningful conversation with those you love. Invite your neighbors over and get to talking!


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