What Day is Easter?

The answer: Sunday, March 31, 2013.
The challenge: Easter can get away from us, especially when it is so early. My schedule is full, though not so full as the month of December. Still without some purposeful planning Easter week will be here without any preparation on my part. And it’s too important for only the left overs of my creative thinking. (What date was that again?)

The Resurrection of Jesus is the most pivotal moment in history, and in our lives. Why then should we neglect so great an event? If I believe the Resurrection is true—if I thoroughly and grippingly believe that God can raise the dead—then what I view as impossible is no longer so. God wants to resurrect so much in my life and your; marriages, relationships, attitudes, hopes and dreams, if we will but let him. It is His specialty, creating new life where death once reigned, so why do we let unbelief keep us from the expectancy of His resurrection power? It is worth pondering and beyond that, confronting.

So I want to hone in on March thirty-first this year: not as the deadline for purchasing cellophane packages of Peeps or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs for the baskets, or to finalize a brunch menu. I want to focus my thoughts and the energy of my heart on this power, this Man—this God!

One solution: This March I can’t help but glance with delight at Ever Thine Home’s new Behold the Lamb Easter Wreath. It is a great first step in making your home and mine a visual reminder of the wonder of Jesus’ life. Nine lovely, cream-colored cards await their day to be pulled out and read, Palm Sunday to Easter, ready to remind me the magnitude of His perfect life. Daily kernels of truth helps lead our hearts, our families and guests, through the “I AM” names of Christ that spread their fascinating word pictures through the Gospel of John. Each one takes me a step closer to true Easter worship and awe.

Look forward to March 31st with me—and allow its full force to penetrate as much as the Author of the Resurrection would have it.

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