An Upside Down Kingdom

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Decades ago a book was written, the title, The Upside Down Kingdom, I never forgot.

Woven throughout is this single thread: everything Jesus taught is foreign to us living on this broken planet. His words to love those who hate you or to give thanks in all things feel, like so many parts of His kingdom, distinctly, uncomfortably unnatural.

I love the words of this prayer because they remind me that the hard places of life, the valleys, are where I can see God more clearly than the easy places. It just doesn’t make sense to my brain but I know it is true. Somehow, when I am weak, then I am strong. And working toward what is not seen moves me closer into the Great Reality, toward what lasts most firmly  and unshakably.

Lord, I want to see. Open my eyes, give me Your vision. Amen.

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