The Barbara Rainey Podcast: Sexual Intimacy

Two become one. This is a phrase we use and talk about often, but I’ve found it’s also a hard phrase to fully understand. It feels like “two becoming one” in marriage should happen immediately after the wedding and when it doesn’t, we become frustrated. That leads me to today’s episode of my podcast…Sex. This topic is one that I have received many questions about over the years and eventually addressed in my book Letters To My Daughters: The Art of Being A Wife

On today’s episode of The Barbara Rainey Podcast, Dennis and I talk about a topic that needs a lot of attention, but unfortunately gets pushed aside far too often. We talk about what it looks like to put in the hard work to actually become one and some tips to keep your marriage a priority when you may not feel like it.

You can listen here or on any major podcast platform. I hope you take some time today to listen and are encouraged to truly become one with your spouse! 

Ever His,



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