The Barbara Rainey Podcast: Preparing Your Heart for Easter

I have a question for you to ponder today … How do you celebrate Easter in your home? A few years ago I realized how very important Easter is and it actually surpassed Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday! I’ve always known it was important, but in the words of Paul, without Easter our faith would be in vain. If you take away Easter and you take away the cross, the New Testament is gone.

On today’s episode of The Barbara Rainey Podcast, Dennis and I talk with our friend Tracy Lane about Easter and how to create meaningful traditions in your house this Easter season. We talk about how you can do simple things to incorporate the Resurrection account into your everyday life, even with small children! 

Our desire with this podcast, and Ever Thine Home is to help you be changed by Jesus which will, in turn, transform your home. You can listen to “Preparing Your Heart for Easter” on any major podcast platform, or simply click here

Praying you experience His Goodness this Lenten season,



P.S. A previous email mentioned an Easter bundle, which included our Waiting for the Lamb banner and our Behold the Lamb calendar. We have sold out of those bundles, but we do have Easter items available in our Etsy store, which you can find here.


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  1. Hello! I was wondering if you would be making available somewhere the scriptures one could read with the banner and the advent leading to Easter? I don’t see it available to purchase; are they perhaps listed somewhere? Thank you!

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