The Barbara Rainey Podcast: Gift Giving in the Rainey Home


The gift-giving season is fully upon us! I’ve been working through our gift list for a while now, but with 27 grandchildren, I feel like I’ll never be done!

Many years ago, when our kids were small, Dennis and I decided we wanted to focus on giving, rather than receiving. In fact, the Bible points us in this direction!  Acts chapter 20 tells us “it is better to give than to receive” and I really wanted that to be the focus in our home.

Today on The Barbara Rainey Podcast, Dennis and I talk about our own upbringings and how they played into traditions we started in our home with our six children. We talk through our tradition of gift-giving with our children and how our kids started shopping for their siblings with their own money and gift-giving actually became a kind of competition in our home! 

We also talk about the newest book I wrote, Tales of the Resistance. In this book, I talk about many unsung heroes of the faith. Each story is written to where it can be told in several minutes or less, so you can read it around the dinner table or at bedtime. This month, we would love to send you a copy with your gift of $25. We only have a limited number of these books, so be sure to give today! 

You can listen here or on any major podcast platform.

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Ever His,



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