Skipping Thanksgiving

I freely admit for the last 20 years I have been rather fanatical, perhaps legalistic is the better term, about keeping my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, distinct and separate from the overpowering pressure of Christmas that begins in earnest on Nov 1. We are not naturally a thankful people and because that is true I wanted to make every effort to keep the consumerism, materialism and perfectionism of the season at bay. Yes I do begin the process of planning and even buying some gifts before Dec 1. It’s always been necessary that I do so with a family of six children, and now with 19 grandchildren it remains important. But the decorating and playing of Christmas music is purposely absent in my home until December 1. I love Christmas for the inexpressibly important Gift of the incarnation but I resent the pressure of the retail industry, though i understand why they do it, that begins an in-your-face barrage on Nov. 1.

Here is a very well written post that expresses more of how I feel about this topic. Clearly I’m not alone!

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