The Race Set Before Us

Let us draw near to God, to His throne of grace. Let us hold fast or hold tight to Him for He does not move. He is our Rock! And now this encouragement: let us lay aside the weight and sin that entangles us. If our hearts are at His throne and holding on tightly to Him we can’t be holding on to unnecessary burdens and sins, like the sin that most often plagues me; unbelief. 

Unbelief makes me forget all that I know to be true about God. It makes my circumstances bigger than He is. And it slows me down because I forget His power to rescue, redeem and restore me. I can’t run the race before me when I’m not believing God. It’s too hard.

The race set before each and every Christian, every disciple of Jesus no matter your age, is to please Him with your life as Jesus did.  John the disciple recorded Jesus saying, “I only do that which pleases My Father.” Our race is also a relay, one generation passing the baton of faith to the next. It’s a team race and your family is one of many teams running for the country of heaven.

  • What do you need to lay aside to run unencumbered?
  • What can you do as a family to cheer each other on in your individual races at school, at work, at home, in your neighborhood?
  • How can you intentionally focus more on transferring your faith? Parent to child and friend to friend?

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