My Helper, My Friend

Holy Spirit -- My Helper, My Friend

One of my greatest joys in recent years is the discovery that the Holy Spirit, most misunderstood member of the Trinity, is my dearest Friend.  It is He who whispers truth to me, like the time I was longing for a more youthful face and I casually prayed, “Lord, what can I do?”  Almost immediately He, the Holy Spirit my Friend, whispered to my heart, “Lay up treasure in heaven.”  Or the email from my friend, Erin, who sent me a portion of a commentary on the book of Ruth.  No whispers this time but the realization that several paragraphs were exactly what I needed for a radio series I’m working on for FamilyLife Today.  His presence within me enlightened my eyes to “see” the paragraphs that will be most helpful.

Within each of us is that “God shaped vacuum” said Pascal.  What fills that space is the Holy Spirit of God who mysteriously and miraculously takes up residence within from the moment I believe on Jesus for salvation.  That created need for a relationship with the Creator God is met by His Spirit.  He is the One who guides, speaks, corrects, teaches, comforts, counsels, and reminds me of everything Jesus said.  Which means I must read and take in the words of Jesus, indeed the entire Bible, if I want to hear the Holy Spirit speak.

Like a new roommate or marriage or friendship, recognizing tones, knowledge, meanings, and subtleties takes significant time. My husband and I, after 40 years of marriage, are still attempting to studiously and humbly develop our ability to “hear” one another.  God states, “my ways are higher than your ways,” so I must learn the gentle manner of His Spirit’s intimate communication to be able to hear what He truly says. The process is long and arduous for there are endless nuances that only become fully integrated in natural conversation over time.  So my relationship with My Spirit Friend is the work of a lifetime.

After 47 years as a believer and disciple of Jesus I’m finally becoming delightfully comfortable with His Spirit.  May this be your desire, your goal, your greatest joy all the days of your life!

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11 thoughts on “My Helper, My Friend”

  1. Kathy Carpenter

    I am so struggling at this very time with aging to my face and body. I have started noticing the extra lines around my lips especially and other places in my face. This does greatly upset me. Additionally, I have such aged and sagging skin in my upper underarms and in my thighs where I have lost weight. Why does this have to be so important? For me especially, I think it is elevated because I am a Widow of almost 2 years. It makes you so aware of your lack of attractiveness and potential lack of interest by a Gentleman at some point in the future, and I am only 57.

  2. Our Spirit man. Ever so gentle, speaks softly, sounds like our voice speaking but only the right things. There is a marked difference in us when we accept that voice in our lives. He leads us to books, places, peoples and things which edify God. Whenever I have to lecture I ask him to speak through me. My oh my, people have told me how shiny I was and glowing. That’s when I knew my life had changed for the better.

    I am so glad there are other brethens who experience his Grace within them. Thank you God for the part of you, You gave us.

  3. Great article! I also have enjoyed Francis Chan’s book: Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit. Not enough churches talk about this today.

  4. Dear Barbara,

    Was the Holy Spirit’s response to your request for a more youthful face satisfying? I do not embrace the changes to my aging body. I do not feel attractive and it is negatively affecting my intimate relationship with my husband.
    I am afraid if I had the money I would spend it on making surgical cosmetic changes to improve the way I look.
    But I know spending that kind of money would not fulfill Gods purpose for my life.
    How do I accept what I do not like about my outward appearance?

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.


    1. barbara rainey

      Thank you for your honesty.
      I would say talking to God about how you feel and then asking Him to make you content and also asking Him to help you see yourself from His perspective. Our view of beauty is very formed by the world. God sees beauty very differently, He sees our hearts.

  5. James ADEGBOLA

    Holy Spirit is our greatest advantage in life. He was in the beginning, is with us and even knows the future. What a great advantage we have in Him.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Dear Barbara,
    Thanks so much for sharing your heart about the Holy Spirit. It was the encouragement I needed to complete my Bible study called, “The Holy Spirit Unleashed in You,” by Kay Arthur.
    In Christ, Veda😃

      1. Barbara Rainey

        Dale — You are completely correct. The Holy Spirit only lives within anyone who is saved. In the writing of this post I was writing to believers only, but you are right to clarify this. Thanks for your comment!

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