Ponder Grandeur

Do we really believe our tarnished planet is all there is?

In the book Heaven is for Real, the author reveals that in heaven there are colors we don’t have on earth!  Sometimes it is hard for me to see beyond the canvas of my life.  I often live dully, in a fog, without vision.

But think with me, for just a second, about the immensity of space that so dwarfs and yet simultaneously magnifies God’s kindness to our planet; remember the majesty of the solar systems, the constellations that never change shape, the wonder of all the ever-expanding universe out there.  Our understanding is infinitesimally minute.  Therefore isn’t it possible that heaven is far more beautiful than any marvel on earth?  And how much more the Master Engineer, Artist, and Author who made it all?

Don’t let the thinking of the modern world dim your perspective of Who God is.  A God who can keep hail or snow in his storehouses? Stars that all have names?  He who placed Orion, Pleiades, and the Bear with His own hands?  Ask Him to explode your vision of Himself and to entwine your love inextricably to His own.

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