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This morning I finally had time.  Too often I’m in a hurry and end up having to use my driving time to talk to God.  Not a bad habit at all. Conversing with my Heavenly Father throughout the day, in or out of the car, is always good.  But my fast-paced life often leaves too little time to talk face to face.  It’s like my relationship with my friend Carrie.  Recently we’ve both been too busy for any face time so we’ve resorted to texts and emails, not even phone calls, and I’m missing the joy and delight of her presence.  Reminds me of the post another friend, Janel, wrote called “I Wish I Could Face Time God.”  Read it here.

As I pulled my small stack of prayer cards out of the drawer I wondered if my repeated requests feel like pestering to God. I had a son who was a pest.  He knew just how to get to his brother to irritate him.  I don’t want to be a pest to God.  But then I remembered He who is slow to anger is likely not easily irritated by one of His own who is praying sincerely yet imperfectly.

Which reminded me of the parable Jesus told His disciples, “to show that at all times they ought to pray and not to lose heart.”  I have lost heart many times, giving up on the prayer list concept for my inability to be consistent (too many interruptions by kids and life) and for my perception that God didn’t answer quickly enough.  I don’t do failure well and this felt like failure to me. In the heart of my mommy years I began praying organically, spontaneously, before the term became vogue.  Now that I’m an empty nester I have returned, when I can, to a more thorough bringing of multiple requests for many people before the throne.

Jesus went on, in Luke 18:1-8, to tell about a woman who “kept coming to the judge,” and eventually won her case because she “bothered” him with her “continual coming.”   In another similar parable (Luke 11:5-13) Jesus told about a man who came to his friend at midnight to borrow some bread.  The friend refused because of the late hour but eventually granted the request “because of his persistence.”

God our Father is not bothered in the least by our persistent coming.  I’m relieved because I am bothering Him repeatedly, day after day and night after night for my delightful, beautiful daughter who desires to be married, is very single, and about to turn 30.  She is more at peace with what God has allowed than I am, which is good.  So like the widow and the friend, I will continue to come persistently with this request for her and a list of many other godly, beautiful, single women.  I know a lot about God’s will, including the truth that He may say no to my request, but until He sends a definitive reply, I will knock on His door and ask on their behalf.  Jesus made it clear that my persistence is not pestering but in some incomprehensible way is actually pleasing to Him.



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  1. Dear beautiful sister in Jesus, thank you for this timely and encouraging post. Please add me to the list of never-married Christian ladies to persistently “pester” Him regarding!!:-)

    Nina Ruth :-)

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