Perfect Gifts From Above

My guess is you are like me. You want your house to remind you and your husband, family, friends, and guests that Jesus matters to you more than anything else in the Christmas season. It has always been my desire, which is why I longed for beautiful expressions of my faith during the holidays year after year.

It is He around whom our lives revolve.

It is He who orders our world.

It is He who must be the center of our Christmas celebrations.

So today is a happy day because I get to introduce you to our new Christmas tree skirt!

Maybe you are like me and you haven’t had a tree skirt you really liked…ever. I made one decades ago that I liked for a season. I had to like it after all those hours stitching on my sewing machine! And then for years I wrapped the base of our tree and others I decorated at our office in painters drop cloth. It worked but it was never special. Just a place holder.

But what we encounter every year in our home, and you probably do in yours too, is that when the floor is littered with red paper, glittered tissue, gold ribbon, and torn boxes, we need to remember the truth and reason behind our delightful celebration.  This beautiful, simple tree skirt, calligraphied with James 1:17, “Every good and perfect gift is from above” will proclaim the truth as you stare at the mess and long for a winter’s nap!

It is just the right reminder, in the midst of a season full of gifts, that the real source of all that is good is from our Father in Heaven above.

Yes Jesus is the gift. And your Father in Heaven is the giver of the best gift ever…Jesus.

I hope you will make home in your home for our tree skirt this year. We truly have a very limited quantity so don’t wait if you are interested. It’s a great price, so we don’t expect it to last!






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