You Could Never Ask Too Much of God

Family relationships are woven through the Bible story starting with God our Father, Christ our brother, and the Spirit our Comforter Friend. To this royal Trinity, and their perfect relationship, we are collectively invited to come. Not for correction or judgment but for the soothing gift of mercy and grace. “Let us draw near” is a warm welcoming invitation.

Today Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Majesty on high, worshiped by angels, interceding for us, His purchased-by-His-blood brothers and sisters! Our King is eager for our approach to His throne. He longs to meet our endless needs for wisdom, peace, comfort, rest, courage, strength, forgiveness, hope, and more.

John Newton, author of “Amazing Grace,” wrote these lyrics for another of his hymns.

Thou art coming to a King,

Large petitions with thee bring,

For His grace and power are such,

None can ever ask too much.

-Are you eagerly approaching the throne of your Father in heaven with your needs for grace and mercy?

-Ask your children to draw pictures of God’s throne in heaven surrounded by worshipping angels.

-Pray this verse this week with your family, saying, “Thank you that we can draw near to You any time, with any need.  For you always give grace in time of need.”

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2 thoughts on “You Could Never Ask Too Much of God”

  1. JanINE and GREG

    Thank you for your simple and beautiful blog posting that had me visiting the Locing Lord and crying out for grace and mercy to restore my husbamd and my hearts together…we have been separated and the evil one has almost achieved in devouring our marriage and dreams…we have 2 children…a son 15 and daughter 13. Today, I cried out for His mercey and grace in times of trouble. I am praying that His will be done “on earth as it is in Heaven”…I even lamented and confessed that, besides my relationship with Him, nothing is more important than my relationship with my husband…the covenant relationship we vowed before all became comfusing and ugly…and the world’s lies tried to cover God’s Truth. I pray so much that God, in His Mighty Power…would transform my husband’s heart and mind “in His”- that God would get glory and our children’s hearts and lives may be built in God’s rebuilding and restoratuon of our marriage. Even as I was praying, I revealed and asked God for His firgiveness for even in smidge of thought that I may not believe…because God is so Holy and powerful and all I want to do is love my husband from this day forward til death do us part”. I want no part of the world and its people or lies dividing us – I asked God that He would please join our hearts bqck together that we would always embrace and understand the powerful bond and spiritual gift of the “2 become one”. I sp long and crave for spiritual restoration and full transformation of our marriage. May you also go to his beautiful Throme of Grace for us…for the beautiful intention of loving and living our our lives in holy matrimony. I never understood it fully until separation and woundedness made me aware…God’s beauty in brokenness. May you ask Him to unite Greg and Janine together again…for His Glory. Thank you for being a catalyst to that pure prayer that made me call out in repentent sorrow. Thank you for your ministry.

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