Love One Another: Spoonful of Sugar


I’ll admit. There have been many times in my life when I didn’t particularly like my children. Or my husband for that matter. Feelings were gone and the relationship wasn’t easy or pleasant in the moment.

I knew though that my feelings aren’t the basis for love. Commitment is. Choosing to love, to treat family members with honor and with affection, is pleasing to God.

Have you ever told your children to apologize and to hug a sibling even if they didn’t feel like it? Why? Because we know doing the right thing is important, even when we don’t want to.

Holman Bible Dictionary says, “Brotherly love…means to treat others as if they were a part of one’s family. This kind of love means ‘to like’ another person and to want what is best for that individual. It also means ‘to kiss,’ which was to show close friendship,” in the Bible. 
-Who can you show love to and include as part of your family this week?


-What act will you commit to do this week, even though you don’t feel like it?

-Brainstorm a list of ways your family can committedly show love to each other this week. Pin the list up on your refrigerator and put initials next to the actions when you catch someone loving.


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  1. Its been for quite some time me and my wife are passing through a little tough time carrying out our professional life. After reading this article, i am thinking about getting her a surprise gift when im home tonight. Just to show that, no matter how busy we are, im committed to her. Thanks for writing this wonderful post.

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