Love Hopes All Things


**an excerpt from one of the How Do I Love Thee cards**

Love always hopes. In spite of the past, it never concludes that failure is inevitable.

Love chooses not to despair because God will never fail. Learning God’s promises builds hope.

Love keeps working for good, even when results are hard to see. Love is willing to take risks.

Love is always confident that God will work all things for His glory.

One of the wonders of heaven will be the stories of men, women, and children who loved others well. We will be in awe because of what God has done through their lives.

When you love like Jesus loves, you will love radically. May we be women who draw others to Jesus by the love we extend. May we truly believe in the Hope of Jesus every single day.

Where do you need to take one step in courage? How can you love radically this week?

Prayer: Precious Savior, I am so averse to risk but You were not. You were not afraid to demonstrate radical love. Help me stop playing it safe. Help me love others so that the world will know I am your disciple. And may many want to know Jesus because of my love. Amen. 

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1 thought on “Love Hopes All Things”

  1. God gave me a second chance by showing me what love is! With my true love my wife and best friend. God healed our marriage and I know how lucky man I am.

    Don’t cut and run. Never give up!

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