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“The Messenger of the covenant in whom you delight, behold, He is coming says the LORD of hosts.” Malachi 3:1

Have you ever wished to discover a message written long ago and placed in a bottle on the ocean? Or would you like to have been the boys who, while throwing rocks into the cave-dotted hills of Judea, discovered ancient clay pots containing aged parchments, with the words of Isiah–known as the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Like discovering buried or lost treasure, finding messages from God Himself is more valuable than a chest of gold coins. When the words on the long lost ancient scrolls were studied, one of the portions said this:

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, because the Lord has anointed Me to bring good news to the poor.” -Isaiah 61:1

These words contained the descriptions of both the Messenger and the message. Both are treasures. Both bring HOPE.

In this weary, war-torn world, good news is ALWAYS welcome. This best news was to be delivered by God’s very own Messenger, His Son Jesus.  Malachi, author of the last book in the Old Testament, announced Jesus as the Messenger of God’s covenant promise.


This Christmas may you receive Jesus’ message of good news for yourself. Then, may you cheerfully and eagerly share that message with many, for we are now his messengers, His ambassadors to a broken world. Our world needs the good news today more than ever.

******Jesus is the Messenger Globe Giveaway******
We are excited to give away TWO of the lovely red “Jesus is the Messenger” globes to two of our friends! Details to enter are below.
Three easy ways to enter:
1. Comment below with how you might share THE Message of Hope this Christmas
2. Share this post on ONE of the following, make sure you tag us @EverThineHome: Facebook or Instgram
3. Tag a friend on our Instagram post (found here)
******Giveaway CLOSED******

Congratulations for Carrie and Michelle on winning the Jesus is the Messenger globe!!

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26 thoughts on “Jesus is the Messenger–Giveaway!”

  1. The ornament is absolutely beautiful. At this point in my life, I homeschool my own children and teach them most importantly about Jesus. Every area of their life is a chance to share the gospel with others. As a family we enjoy serving in our community and giving to families in their time of need. Some of our favorite times spent as a family is praying for children around the world. Each day is a new opportunity to pray for a child in a different part of the world. We love praying for others. May God be glorified through our service and our prayers.

  2. Hello,
    I came to this website looking for a creative way to celebrate Christmas with my large family of 13+ adults and 10 grandchildren in a God-honoring way, but not I’m not sure everyone is a Christian yet in our family. Present opening time is so chaotic, and I want coordinate something meaningful with it. We want to do a white elephant type of activity or game with adult gifting, but I don’t know what that will look like yet. Thank you for any help!

  3. My two young grandsons, Emerson age 10 and Eliot age 6 do not have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ! My daughter, their mother and their father Dave who were both raised in Christian homes have given them no spiritual upbringing!! I live in another town from them about 5 hours away!! When I am with them I share the Lord with my precious grandsons, but otherwise, there is no spiritual emphasis for them! This ornament could help them believe that what I tell them is true!

  4. These are so beautiful! I hope to share Christ with those who feel life is hopeless. This year I have truly learned and experienced brokeness, heartache and pain. I was bed ridden two months after I was married (October of 2016) and diagnosed with 3 auto immune diseases. I was in such turmoil over my marriage, my health, and what felt like my life falling completely apart. I wanted to end my life as I was in so much pain. But through the countless tears, heartaches and brokeness, Jesus reached out His hand and held me up. Today I may still be suffering from pain at times, but God is healing me, my marriage and showing me how powerful prayer is. It truly changes everything.

    1. Michelle! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am so thankful that you have chosen to trust the Lord in the midst of such difficult circumstances! Your name was randomly selected as the winner of one of our His Advent Names adorenaments. We will e-mail you for your address!

  5. Thank you for doing this, Barbara! One way of many my husband & I share the message of hope, is by showing Christ’s love by opening our home and our hearts to a needy but deserving unemployed homeless person to be part of our family as long as he needs us, where he has his own warm, clean bedroom, bathroom w/ tub & shower plus use of our kitchen & laundry along w/ many other free amenities including nourishing home-cooked meals and his own key to our home…all provided at no cost to him even though times are tough for us too. We hope to make this lovely ornament of yours the start of a new Christmas tradition this year where our guest boarder will get to hang this special ornament on our tree during our tree-decorating ceremony celebration. I hope to be able to incorporate your lovely ribbon ties to our table decor sometime in the future as well…they are precious & will help promote conversations around our table! Thanks so much for “EverThine Home”! Viewing your beautiful creations is very inspirational to help us serve our Creator!

  6. Sharing the message of Hope by being in service to others…being an example of God’s love. Do good works with faith…. I will be helping our church youth make meals for weary service providers working holiday shifts. Included in the bagged meal will be a scripture verse. Food for body and soul. Jesus lived among us to be an example. Let us be a positive example for our youth.

  7. Thank you, Barbara, for the giveaway! You have been a great encouragement with your wonderful ideas on opening our homes to share Christ with those who don’t know Him! I’m super excited about this and we will be opening our home this Thanksgiving and Christmas using your recipes and items from EverThineHome like the ribbon ties around the napkins to help start conversations!

  8. My 11 yr old, the youngest of 6 is looking forward to putting up to putting up the tree this year. The joy she displays has been contagious to my soul, despite the many tests of our faith. I would love to display this ornament as a reminder that there is Hope in broken marriages, families, churches, etc. Because of JESUS we can face tomorrow. Barbara than GOD for you and your husband Dennis for sharing your lives and love through radio, books, blogs and the many ways u impact our lives. Blessings to Your Family. Sorry for the misspelled words, morning rush.

  9. These are beautiful, I love how you combine design with scripture. I hope to share Christ during my everyday interactions with my lost family members, neighbors, coworkers, and friends by telling them of the hope Christmas brings to their sweet lives.

  10. Teaching Kids Church – singing in a Sr. chorus w/ 11 other seniors – inviting unsaved friends and neighbors to our church’s Women’s Christmas dinner all give me the opportunity to share the true meaning of Christmas.
    A daily prayer of mine that whatever the age and wherever I go, I may be used to tell all the message of Jesus.

  11. My husband Dennis & I try to share hope by organizing and delivering Angel Tree gifts from our church each year to children of prisoners on behalf of that parent in prison, to try and keep families connected while incarcerated…
    showing them Christ’s love!

  12. Thank you for this fun giveaway! I’m sharing the message through my children’s choir. I have been praying all semester that those in my choir (101 of them :) that don’t know Christ would come to know Christ AND that they would bring guests to our musical who would turn to Christ as a result of the message! I hope that makes sense :). Your posts have been so encouraging! Thank you! Now I’m off to re-post on Instagram ;)

  13. These beautiful ornaments will adorn our tree. We have a party of friends with varied beliefs who need to know Jesus. I want our tree to be a conversation starter!

  14. Love this ornament! Just might be the perfect gift for my friends who have started a nonprofit called 2nd Milk in Malawi, Africa for orphans!

  15. My children and I have been having conversations about “going into all the world, to preach the Gospel.” During this season it can be so easy to lose sight of what really matters. We plan on inviting someone who doesn’t have a home, over to our home during the holidays. Sometimes that’s the only JESUS they’ll ever see!

  16. I could share the message of Hope by reaching out to my neighbors and giving them a thoughtful home-made gift and a card that states the true Reason for the season.

  17. I work with moms of special needs kids as I have my very own special needs son & we see the beauty of Jesus in the brokenness of our children & the new lives we lead. We love to give others the hope in Jesus that we have found.

  18. This is a stunning addition to any home! I had the privilege of seeing them at a Weekend To Remember last week and they are beautiful! I love to serve our Lord by serving at our local WTR and teaching Bible study!! Share the story of God’s love and save a soul to the Glory of His name!!

    1. Carrie! Thank you for serving so many couples at the WTR. It is a gift to have you there and we are grateful! Your name was randomly selected as the winner of this giveaway! We will e-mail you for your address. :)

  19. I absolutely love these ornaments and the beautiful reminder the give of what this season and Christmas is truly about. I think it’s easy for anyone to get caught up in all of the extra “stuff,” I know working retail it can be especially easy for me to loose sight of what’s inportant.

  20. I want to share the Hope of Christmas by being ready with an answer to why I have hope and peace in this season of busyness.

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