Jesus, My Friend


A profound discovery happened for me when I learned that Jesus has literally hundreds of names.  How many do you have? Most of us have two or three, with us married women often having four if we keep our middle name.  Kings and queens sometimes have five, six or more names, having been christened with multiple names they will never use, but so named to honor royal ancestors and to keep family names alive in the dynasty.

But Jesus! This royal being has as many as three hundred or more.  Plus He has a name in heaven that no one knows but the Father! How cool is that? Knowing His names is important because each tells us about this eternal Person who made and rules the universe, who also loves us infinitely more than we can imagine.

Today what needs are you feeling? What circumstances are you facing? What fears or anxieties, or expectations? The words of this 100-year-old prayer remind us that we can be sure that Jesus, our Friend will be with us no matter where we go, even if we get lost on the way.  Jesus our Counselor will speak words of wisdom when we feel directionless and at a loss for words, if only we will whisper a simple request for help.  As our Guide, He will show us the way even if only one step ahead is all we can see.

May you relish, reflect, and experience these comforting names of Jesus today as you call on Him by one of His names.

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