My Shepherd King


Author Beverly Lewis, in her beautifully illustrated children’s book, What is Heaven Like?, mentions that being with God must be like “opening a special present every single day.” I love this word picture. There’s something about the delicious mystery of our God that makes the eyes sparkle at its unwrapping; that makes our souls squeal with ecstasy. It’s a gift, I think, that never manages to disappoint, or warrant a wait in a return line.

Eternity will not be long enough, it has been said, to learn all there is to know about our God, the Almighty; Our Father, the King.  One day we will have a much greater capacity to know and learn and, I hope, remember, which will make the joy of discovery that much greater.

Today while still firmly planted on terra firma I need Jesus my Shepherd, my Priest, and my King for a multitude of needs throughout each day.  Psalm 23 is a favorite worldwide for it speaks to our universal need for a trusted One Who will guide, feed, restore, protect, comfort and bless our lives.

Recently I’ve been singing an old song off and on for months, often as I rush out the door in the morning feeling unprepared for the day and the known and known challenges ahead. The words are these:

“I need Thee, oh I need Thee,

Every hour I need Thee,

Oh bless me now my Savior,

I come to Thee.”

Simple lyrics express the simple needful prayer of my heart.  There are so many days when I’m very aware I am needy; but I can’t find the right words to name it or I don’t know what it is exactly or I don’t have the time to analyze what my heart is feeling. And so I pray this song to my Shepherd King who as my Great High Priest will intercede for me and will bless me for coming. His unveiling, I’m happy to admit, is always more than sufficient for what I need.

Coming is the first step in depending on Him.  He will be waiting.  Always.

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  1. How beautifully penned,dear sister in the Lord. My heart echoes this prayer. Thank you for your touch and your dependency on Him who is ever Faithful.

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