Honoring All Mothers


Guest Post by: Laura Rainey

Leaving church most Sunday mornings is like having just finished high tea with a dear friend. Nuggets of truth like petite sandwiches nourish my soul for the rest of the day, the week and sometimes even longer. Mother’s Day Sunday one year ago was one of those lifetime feedings from the Spirit of God directly to me. What my pastor shared made me feel both known and valued.

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I am the youngest of my siblings and the only one not married. I have joyfully taken on the role as Aunt Laura to my 21 nieces and nephews and while being an aunt is definitely different than being a mom, there is a special type of mothering that has happened in these sweet little relationships. There have also been those relationships when I worked at my church youth group for 4 years or at the all-girls high school where some of the girls lived on campus and while my relationship with them was more of a ‘big sister’ role, I was still an active part of their lives. So when my pastor read the following words, I was so honored in that moment even though I didn’t have children.

“Today, on Mothers Day, I am compelled to remember that my children have many mothers, starting with the one who pours into them every day, and continuing with the surrogate grandmas and surrogate moms and surrogate big sisters who speak into their lives regularly…some of whom have birthed children of their own and others who have not, but all of whom are vital and necessary for our daughters’ growth, development, and wellbeing. May we honor mothers as Jesus honored his own mother from the cross—entrusting her to the care of his beloved disciple John who would from that point forward become her surrogate son—let’s remember how necessary, and how worthy of honor, all of the women are in our midst—especially those whom our children experience as selfless, steady, and safe. I dare say that no nuclear family, and no child, can flourish fully without them.”**

God created us women to be life givers. On Mother’s Day we honor the women who literally gave us breath, but I’ve learned with gratitude that this day of remembrance in God’s economy includes all of us women who desire to fulfill the purposes He has for us in every season of life.


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1 thought on “Honoring All Mothers”

  1. Such a great reminder Laura! You are blessed to
    Have a pastor with such wisdom. I am a mom of five young adults. Yet, my own mother passed away far too soon, 20 years ago, just a couple days before Mother’s Day, I am so grateful for those who have been like a mother to me through these years who have helped fill
    A big hole in my life and I
    Am equally grateful for my friends and some of my kids teachers and aunts who
    Have helped me in the huge role of mothering my own children!

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