Heaven’s Library

Did your mother create a baby book for you when you were first born? For decades, baby books were readily available and easy to fill in with the new baby’s name, weight, gifts received. Then in the succeeding pages were places to record all the ‘firsts’ for a little one: first tooth, first steps, first words. 

What our earthly baby books never included is a place to record the end date; the last days, the last steps, the final words. We don’t yet know that date. 

But God in heaven has His own books, which aren’t baby books but life books. What kind of a library must God have in heaven? He must have millions of enormous books to contain the names and dates of every person ever born and yet to be born.

God chose to communicate with us, His people, through words. He chose not just words we could hear, but words written down so that we can read over and over and over. If He chose to record so many stories of His people in His Word, do you think He might be doing the same in heaven in other books? He told us “He made His wonders to be remembered” (Psalm 111:4)!

-Draw a picture of God’s library in heaven, if you can imagine how big it might actually be. 

-Draw a picture of one of God’s books. What might be on the cover of that book?

-Does knowing your life has an end date, already written down in God’s book, make you think differently about today?

Thank Him today for His all-knowing power and love; that you can be confident your life will not be any shorter than He has already planned.

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1 thought on “Heaven’s Library”

  1. Marjorie Gillies

    my mother’s baby gift to every grandchild was a 7 year baby book. So not only did I fill in and keep that book up to date, I later created a ‘memory box’ (about the size of a large shirt box)for each child that could put things from each succeeding year into, and when they left our home to be on their own, that box was our gift to them, along with other mementos that didn’t or couldn’t fit in that box for their keeping,. In later years it was fun remembering stories about the items in the box that they saved and why. :) :)

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