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This past weekend thousands gathered in Orlando to share best practices in their shared passion to care for orphans. They also came to be inspired which is the work of God’s Spirit. And He showed up in amazing worshipful stories of redemption, grace and miracles. (to learn more go to CAFO.org)

Orphan work is one of God’s many specialties.

Did you know Jesus talked about orphans during His last hours on earth? In words of deep compassion and love He said to His disciples, “I will not leave you as orphans.” (Jn 14:18)

I have never been an orphan but we adopted one.  We chose a baby girl whose mother couldn’t keep her. We opened our home and our hearts to her and said you are mine and ours forever. We will love you always; you will be part of our family as completely as if you were born to us.

Adoption is a beautiful picture of what God has done for us. We who have welcomed Christ into our lives, who have surrendered to His authority, have been adopted by God the Father.

As a parent I love those who love my children, who are good to them. Don’t you?

So God the Father also loves those who love His Son.

When our baby girl was a few months old we drove to our county court house to appear before a judge. After answering his questions and producing the required paperwork, he rapped the desk with his gavel and the adoption was complete. We left with officially stamped papers from the state proving she was ours! We were thrilled!

God has done the same for us in a more dramatic and eternally significant way. Instead of papers, which can burn or be lost, He gave us the seal of the Holy Spirit. His very Spirit came to live in my heart when I received and welcomed Jesus into the home of my heart. He can never be lost.  And he will never leave.

Any child, adopted or biological, can rebel and reject, so too can we rebel against the soft voice of the Spirit of God. When we open our hearts to the Him, when we pray or sing these words, it is music to our Father’s ears.

Holy Spirit you are welcome here.

Will you pray this daily? Will you make your heart His home?






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