Grieving with Hope

My mom asked me to share a few thoughts on the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in addition to her own found on the Mom Life Today blog. You can go here to read her thoughts.

I am 27 and work at a school. I imagine that the thoughts and expectations I went to work with on Friday were similar to those teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School. A long list of things to do before the end of the day and an excitement for the weekend. The news on Friday completely disabled me from getting any work done. It was too much. I just sat at my desk and cried. I cried for all the families whose children weren’t coming home as expected. I cried for the families of the teachers and administrators whose sister, mother, wife, aunt, daughter wouldn’t be at Christmas in less than two weeks. And I cried for Adam’s family who will never be the same. It’s all too much and there isn’t much to say but I know that Gods heart was breaking and mourning with us on Friday and continues today.

I was in church last weekend and the pastor shared an analogy about a specific strategy when playing a basketball game. When one team is winning and time is running out, the losing team will start to foul, a lot and will seemingly do whatever it takes to try to get back on top, even if there is no chance. I think that is what is happening and is what happened in Connecticut on Friday. Evil played a pretty big card through a troubled young man on Friday thinking it had a chance. But God has already won. Light defeated the darkness when Jesus went to the cross. And that is the only comfort when it feels like the darkness is winning. We wait through the tragedies, through loss, through intense sufferings, all of which don’t make any sense. But we wait with the comfort that the battle has already been won. We wait with a peace that passes all understanding. And we pray that Jesus will come quickly.

Laura Rainey lives in Washington, D.C. and works at an all girls high school in McLean, VA. 

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