Extravagant Gifts


In this season of giving material gifts, we are too easily lured into believing value is determined by dollar signs.  We want to impress with our gifts, or we want to feel the honor or pride of having chosen the favorite gift of all.  Giving presents has changed from bestowing on another person something for the recipient’s satisfaction and has instead become about exalting and feeding self.  Have you felt that tug of competition when giving as I have?

Yet even the most costly gifts in any catalog or store cannot compare to the wealth of Christ.  Sadly, because His riches are mostly unseen we undervalue them.  Having not viewed His vast treasuries we are unaware how endless His wealth, how limitless His possessions, how breathtakingly beautiful His home.

Our giving of gifts during the Christmas season is born from imitation; we imitate the Father when we give.  He gave freely, sacrificially, and generously for our good alone.  His every act is completely motivated by love for us.  He cannot give selfishly.  His only desire is our gratitude and love in return.

Will you ask Him for a heart like His so your giving can be more pure and selfless?

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