Easter Candles DIY


Here’s an easy DIY craft to add beauty and truth to your Easter table. You likely already have everything on hand and it’s easy enough for even a first time DIYer. You’ll need about 10 minutes to create these lovely candles that will give ambiance and reverence to your Resurrection Day celebration.

Grab your supplies and get to crafting!

You’ll need:

-3 cream or white pillar candles (3×6 or 3×9 standard size). I picked ours up at Walmart. You can find it at most retailers near you.

-Wax paper

-White tissue paper, the kind you stuff in gift bags



-Blow dryer

-Printed design template (available here)

Now the how-to:

  1. Download the 2018/2019 “I Am” Candle DIY template here. {Click here for 2017 Designs which are featured in the demonstration below.}
  2. Tape tissue paper on a regular-sized piece of printer paper. Load that tissue layered piece of paper through the printer and print the template onto it.


3. Cut out the image, leaving a little margin all the way around.

img_0324 img_0328

4. Layer a piece of wax paper over the design. Cut a piece of wax paper long enough that it wraps all the way around to the back of your candle. Then line up your template on your candle, holding it in place with the wax paper.

img_0330 img_0333

5. Turn your blow dryer on to the highest heat setting. Holding the dryer close to the candle, apply direct heat to the design. As the candle wax heats up, the tissue paper backing will begin to fade. Be patient. Keep applying heat until the tissue paper completely dissolves, about 3-5 minutes.

img_0337 img_0351

6. Once the tissue paper is completely transparent. peel back the wax paper to reveal your very own Easter table candle!

img_0353 img_0357

7. Repeat the same steps for each of the three candle designs.

8. Decorate your table with your hand-crafted work!

Product photography for Ever Thine Home in Little Rock, Arkansas. Photo by Beth Hall

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36 thoughts on “Easter Candles DIY”

  1. Thank you, Barbara for helping us prepare our hearts to celebrate Easter! I just finished my candles, and they look wonderful! The process was easy and fun! Looking forward to next week!

    1. Hi Judith — My ink jet color printer worked and the candles turned out beautifully. Not sure what the issue might be with yours/other inkjet printers? Hope you can get them to work!

      1. That link returns me right back here. I did obtain the 7 candle templates and these instructions describe how to transfer them to the candles but Barbara also talked about how she recommended using them. I only caught bits and pieces because I am at work while listening and was hoping to find those directions written down. All I remember was something about blowing out a candle (each day?) but then what that represents and the rest of the details I did not catch. That is the information I’m looking for.
        Thank you.

          1. Fantastic. Thank you so much. As a single dad I need all the help I can get. This helps me add a ‘feminine’ touch – not to mention something i wouldn’t have even thought about until you discussed it on the radio. Thanks again.

    1. None of us have tried it but the paper wraps will for sure work and we assume the wax transfers will as well since the LED candles are wax coated. Let us know and send a pic!

  2. Would like to print, but we have a laser printer and my husband said sending tissue paper wouldn’t work. Has anyone printed these on a laser printer? He said not very many people have a color laser printer.

    1. Barbara Rainey

      Hi Rosemary,
      Yes, a laser printer will work. I just printed mine yesterday and they worked fine.
      You do have to lightly iron the tissue paper if isn’t really flat and scotch tape it carefully around the edges onto a regular piece of copy paper so it doesn’t catch in the printer.

      Hope this helps!

    2. I ironed the tissue paper before taping it, but my printer still jammed. I ended up printing them on plain paper and plan on having my kids mod podge them onto the glass jarred candles from the dollar store, then maybe add a ribbon. They won’t be as elegant but will work for us! Thanks!

      1. I ironed the tissue paper and it worked perfectly both in my laser printer and my friend’s ink jet printer. Thank you, Barbara, for a wonderful idea and for encouraging all of us to celebrate Easter beautifully!

  3. Thank you for posting! I love Ever Thine Home. My candles look wonderful & I put the decals on both sides of the candles so that each side of the table could enjoy them. I set my table tonight and it looks amazing :O)

  4. Everything worked well but my candle melted and when I peeled away the wax paper it left my candle rough and ugly looking :-(
    What to do ??? Does anyone have a solution?

    1. Maybe your blow dryer is too hot. The newest ones can be. You can melt down your candles and make something new with it, or put another wrap around it. Wraps made of gold or silver foil is beautiful. Your local hobby store will also have candle wraps that are just for that purpose and should hide the “rough and ugly”. Didn’t you get any drippings? Drip can be beautiful? You can also carve the candle. Here are a few pages of ideas on what to do with your candle. One suggests grating it with a cheese grater. It looked really pretty for Christmas! Here you go, and I hope this helps. I hate it when I get a great idea and it doesn’t turn out the way I imagine.



      Have fun! Sometimes the ugly duckling becomes the beautiful swan!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful DIY Easter project. My candles will shine on Easter!
    – Make sure that you tape the tissue paper to the copier paper on ALL four sides. I did not do that on my first try. I thought that I broke our copier!

  6. Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am making them today for guest gifts. Praise the Lord, He is Risen.

  7. I just downloaded the candle designs and am looking forward to doing this over the weekend. Thank you so much Barbara for sharing this. I am so excited to have these in my home! My plan is to give several away to family too!

  8. Wow! So beautiful! A precious way to honor the Lord and share the Easter message with my international guests! I am gifting some candles to friends with these gorgeous candles! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi there,

      I love this practical way to celebrate and teach my children. Thank you!! I’m planning on making these with my 8 yro budding artist girl, I seem to be missing this “TETELESTAI” design. I do have 7 others numbered. Is there an updated file?

    1. If you did not get it…Happened to me too. Google auto fill covered where it said 5 digit zip code. That is what it wants there.☺

  9. please help. i am trying to print these on to the tissue paper but am only able to get one design to print entirely. the others have parts missing. i am on my 4th attempt. what do i do?

    1. i tried aligning my printer heads, it worked! i’m so sorry, i should have thought of that before posting my comment. looking forward to making these with my kiddos. THANK YOU for helping us focus more on Easter!

    2. in your print settings, shrink the image so it fits on the page
      I shrunk mine to 96% and it worked. You may have to play with it a bit

  10. These are beautiful! I am beyond happy to have these gorgeous candles grace our table shining of His Light! Thank you for making these available to us!!

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