Does Grace Disrupt Your Misplaced Affections?


This summer much of the world will be watching the Olympics, cheering their favorite team or athlete from their home country. Worldwide spectators love the competition, the personal stories, the medal ceremonies. Most of all, though, we love the thrill of victory.

Whether it’s the Super Bowl, the World Series, the World Cup, or just the local high school sports team who wins the championship, fans cheering any of these victories have one thing in common: the thrill of being named the best as they stand in unison and celebrate with jubilant arms raised high.

I have frequently wondered if God watches our regularly misplaced devotion over our teams with a sad longing for that which should be His: unbridled affection and joy.

Often times I have wanted to stand up in church to jump and cheer with my arms raised high to express the sheer joy that Jesus has delivered me from the domain of darkness and by His shed blood set me free from bondage to sin!!!

Have you ever felt the same?

But have you, like me, restrained yourself knowing everyone around you would wonder at your sanity if we acted that way in church?

It’s ok in a stadium, but not in church. How insane is that?

No wonder those who don’t know Jesus aren’t too interested in Him. We are too unenthusiastic.

The lyrics above, from the hymn “Grace Greater than our Sin,” get stuck in my head. The tune and the truth of the words “grace that is greater than all my sin” resonate in my mind for endless hours and infiltrate my heart with a lovely reminder of my precious Savior’s love.

This melodious reminder calls me to revisit the impossible, to imagine the choice Jesus made to willingly lay His screaming-in-pain body on that rough, splinter-filled, wooden cross. His love, His grace, was and is so immense that it compelled Him to die for me and for you. Does this reality change everything for you?

It’s simply stunning to me. When I ponder it, I shake my head trying to make sense of what He did for me. Grace is the reason. And it changes everything.

But there is more. One day we will be standing victorious in the end, not because we won the victory on the field, but because Jesus won the victory on our behalf. He was on the field for us. He defeated Satan.

One day we who believe in Jesus’ name will celebrate as never seen on earth with arms raised, with shouts of joy, with tears of eternal gratitude.

All because of grace.

God’s great amazing grace!

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3 thoughts on “Does Grace Disrupt Your Misplaced Affections?”

  1. Nick Tornabene

    So many of us Christian men and women love to talk about our happenings in life -our daily and weekly plans, what the kids or grand kids are doing, the news, and the weather. But sometimes, we stay quiet and get uncomfortable sharing a praise and lifting up the name of Jesus Christ.

    It is time Christian men and women get more excited and share the joy and peace they have in their heart because of Jesus Christ living in them. To be able to show gratitude and give honor to the Lord for everything He has done, is doing, and will do.

    I agree Barbara, it is time to get excited and shout for joy for the victory Christ has won for us!

    Nick Tornabene

  2. Just praising God for His grace is my life this evening. Serving at a food pantry, we have some opportunities to pray for our guests. The blessing is doubled when some share the grace that God has poured into their lives and the victory they are now experiencing over old patterns. We joyously praise Jesus
    for what He has done! New Life!

  3. I am in my college’s Athletic HOF and have coached HS and youth sports for 25 years and I feel the same way about Jesus in relation to the transience of a victorious moment in sports. Jesus is so worthy of ALL our attention and adoration. No, Barbara, you are not alone in your wondering!

    Keith Anleitner
    Family Life Minister
    @ The Merge CC of
    Westland, MI 48185

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