Valentine’s week found us on a ship in the Gulf of Mexico, and thankfully NOT the one that stalled and stank! Phew I’m grateful that was not on God’s agenda for us

Being on a ship with 2000 of your closest friends could become tiresome but these cruises, this our third in a row, have been nothing but delightful. It’s been quite remarkable to watch God’s people treat the 900 crew members with courtesy and genuine love. As we talked to our nightly waitress, Abigail who is Filipino, she opened up about her life on the ship and her twelve year old son who was being raised by her mother. And when we disembarked the ship we gave her Passport to Purity for her son and hugs all around from our family.

Speaking of family, our great joy was to have two of our kids and their spouses join us for the week on the cruise. Once children enter a married couple’s world it’s more difficult for us, the mom and dad, to get adult time with our kids, so both they and we enjoyed lots of meals without cutting up food for little ones, spills to clean up and no complaints about what was served.


We’re back to reality. No more aqua and cobalt blue waters. No more chocolate molten cakes. No more being rocked to sleep by the gentle waves of the gulf. But pictures like this one keep great memories alive for years to come.

And if this sounds like a slice of heaven to you, consider joining us next year. Same time, valentine’s week, same general place in the Caribbean, same beautiful waters. Love Like You Mean It 2014 at

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