Changing Tradition

For almost three decades Dennis and I and the kids celebrated Christmas with an annual hunt for the very finest freshly cut Christmas tree. The smell of evergreen was essential.  Unquestioned.  Then in 2007 we remodeled our living room and kitchen area and traditional decorating was impossible within our gutted living spaces.  So I bought a four-foot tinsel tree.  It worked quite nicely; so adequately that I continued to use it the next year and then the next four more.

Last weekend I went in search of something new as the tinsel had lost its twinkle in my eye.  But I met discouragement on the price tags of every artificial tree I liked, even small ones. The look and feel of the fake plastic branches repelled my touch.  I wanted something warm and fresh, something more alive and genuine.

After four stores I found a cute new shop that inspired a solution.  Original ideas are not my strength, but I can borrow and tweak ideas to make them my own all day long, and in this shop I found one.  Instead of a tree of any kind I’m using my grandfather’s old extension ladder, leaning against the wall in my dining room to display some of my favorite ornaments! I love it’s history, it’s creative freshness.  And it is more alive than any fake green tree I could have purchased.  It is alive with history and family connections.  Now tied with ornaments it is also tied to my roots, a beautiful small farm in south Arkansas my family has owned since 1850.

I sent this picture to my kids, and Rebecca, mom of three under three, said she wants to start searching for an old ladder at flea markets.  It’s an idea anyone can copy!

I am excited to share with you another creation I’m working on for this Christmas.  I think it will turn out just as cute as the old worn extension ladder.

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