Beauty Points to Truth


A favorite book of mine says anything beautiful has three qualities: elegant simplicity or purity, harmony, and brilliance. The glory of a single flower displays all three as does every sunset or snowflake.

And in this is truth because every object of beauty hints to us about the divine Artist.

It’s remarkable that God’s creation of the beautiful is not limited to the visual alone.  He could have chosen to craft us with no sense of smell, for example. With our noses we can experience beauty in the mouthwatering scent of a freshly baked apple pie, the refreshing smell of a cleansing rain, or the cuddle-worthy fragrance of a newborn’s skin! Another hint of glory.

And with the gift of hearing we can experience enrapturing awe at the sounds of a symphony by Beethoven, Mozart, or Handel. These wonders—gifts of beauty from our Father Love—are numberless.  Daily, even each millisecond, we take it all for granted.

One day, and I cannot wait for this moment, we who have believed in Jesus will be changed. Our sin-damaged senses will be restored and transformed to a level we will not recognize.  And then we will see Him as He is, a luminous beauty “before which all earthly splendors and marvels pale into insignificance.”*

May you be content today with your ability to experience beauty. Give thanks for what He has given because the Lord God is good, true and beautiful, and one day soon He will make all things new! (Revelation 21:5)

*The Evidential Power of Beauty by Thomas DuBay

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