Avoiding Comparison


It’s universal for women, right? Never has there been an age or a time when people did not look for approval to others—except in the Garden.  Comparison is a struggle for all women as we glance over our shoulders at others looks, their children, neighbor’s homes…virtually everything.  And most often, it is a colossal waste of time.

It is a wonder that God has never made a duplicate human being. Each element of individuality can be a source of infinite gratitude if we will welcome His design. Instead, too often we Xerox some version of each other onto ourselves. We rummage for security via the Joneses as if our intricately crafted uniqueness were a heavenly fluke.  Copying God’s creative work of beauty in another is insulting to Him as the divine Artist.

Recently my daughter took an abilities test. She has exceptional senses of smell and taste, as well as superb musical pitch. But she is not a chef or a musician. How interesting I thought! I had no idea!  And now I wonder, what purposes does God have for these uniquenesses, that in combination with her other qualities, are hers alone—her abilities “fingerprint”?  He does have a plan of infinite complexity, though it is far from its full revelation today.

In my own life, I have discovered that my love of history, art, vintage heirlooms, and the Bible have merged into a purpose I couldn’t possibly have envisioned even a decade ago.  But for years I looked at other women, longing to be something I wasn’t, instead of trusting God’s timing for what He is doing now in me.

May this prayer be yours today and every day—that you may find contentment and peace in doing what God has created you alone to do, which is His good and perfect will.

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