Apple of His Eye


“He who touches you touches the apple of His eye.” Zechariah 2:8
If these words were spoken about you or to you how would you feel? Protected? Valuable? Cared for? These words came from the Majesty on high, delivered through his servant Zechariah to His discouraged, defeated, weary people. We who are “grafted into” the olive tree that is the chosen Jewish race, are also the objects of this deep lovely affection.
Yesterday in my Bible study class I saw this love poured out on a new member of our class. Susan (not her real name) began coming this summer. She rarely spoke, but she also never missed. I wondered then about her story, but my attendance was sporadic because of travel so I never had the opportunity to ask.
Last week a sliver of it was revealed when she mentioned softly having been an alcoholic. Then yesterday she told the class she wanted what we had … she wanted to know God, and to feel His presence like we did. Almost immediately someone asked, “Can we gather and pray for our friend?” Over a dozen of our 38 members rose quickly from their seats and surrounded this lonely, frightened, but earnestly searching woman.
We prayed, we cried, we all felt the deep love of God for this dear broken-like-us discouraged and weary woman. God’s love specifically for her was palpable. I hope she felt it. I hope she will let go of her self-protections whatever they are.
Susan left as soon as we stopped for our break. The next chapter in the story has yet to be written and revealed. She will continue to be prayed for.
I love discovering treasures in God’s word like this verse and I love watching how He continues the same transforming work of the Old and New Testaments in those He chooses and loves today. Are you the apple of His eye? Does He own all of you? If He possesses you, your life is of supreme value to LORD of hosts.
May you relish being the apple of His eye.
May you cling to Him so that you never wander from His beautiful love.

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