Your Conversations Matter

What are your favorite conversations you have with your girlfriends when you meet for lunch or dinner? The latest episode from the TV show you watch together? The long list of updates you want to do on your house after watching Fixer Upper? Your kids and their schedules/activities? Your husband or the husband you want?

None of these conversations are wrong or bad but when was the last time your friends talked about something meaningful that took you below the surface?

Several years go, my friend Amy started a tradition for our monthly friends dinner. At the time, all seven of us singles gathered to celebrate our birthdays at each one’s favorite restaurant! We got dressed up, feeling amazing about our outfits of choice, ate delicious food, and talked about all sorts of things until it was time to do the eagerly anticipated “Birthday Questions.” I remember the first time we asked these questions of the evening’s honoree. I loved hearing my friend reflect on the previous year and also share some things she was looking forward to for her next, new year of life. When we said our goodbyes, I drove home with anticipation for when it was my turn.

When my birthday month arrived, one of the first questions my friend, Maggie, asked me was, “What was your favorite outfit from the last year?” I loved this question as we were all in a season with jobs that “required” us to dress up. Putting outfits together was a fun way of expressing my creativity. It was a simple question, but it provided a fun way to reflect on the year.

Another question was, “Share 3 attributes of the Lord that you saw in your life this past year.”  Together, as a group of single friends, we had years of waiting, wondering, questioning, and lots of practice putting our hope in the Lord. So this question was always asked. Each time it proved to be a particularly wonderful question as we each described how the Lord was GOOD in all circumstances.

So, since the summer is here and there is a little more room for fun with friends, we invite you to try some of these questions. Each week we will post a new question on our blog. Share these with friends around lunch or poolside. At the gym. Wherever you’re getting together. If you and your friends are participating in our Summer Blog Club, these would be great icebreakers to kick off each weekly gathering. 

And join us here too! We want to grow our friendship with you also.  Comment below with your answer. We’d love to hear from you!

Question of the Week: What are three surprises from the last year? 


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21 thoughts on “Your Conversations Matter”

  1. Thanks for the post- really enjoy the blog. Laura- could you do a “printable” that would work for a phone background incorporating the question each week?
    Barbara- I’ve been looking for a “I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God” printable for on my lock screen. Does ever thine home have one?

    1. Laura Rainey Dries

      Jenn — What a great idea!! So glad you reached out about this! The answer is YES, we will get right on that! Thanks for sending us such a creative way to help remember throughout the week. :)

  2. Stella Afiawari

    1. I asked for a foreign trip to celebrate my 30th birthday last year. God gave me an all expense paid trip to two countries in Europe and one in the Middle East. It was an overwhelming surprise.
    2. I got pregnant for my second baby after 3 years of trying.
    3. I miraculously got employed after one year of being without a job. God really did surprise me at every turn and I’m extremely thankful.

  3. There have been so many, but here are the top 3
    1). The restoration of my 22 year marriage that ended in divorce nearly 6 years ago.
    2). Our youngest child announced the arrival of his secondly little princess due in August.
    3). Our oldest son breaking an addiction to alcohol and landing a very good paying job.
    All of these have been wonderful surprises, but the greatest of all of this is it’s ALL GOD. After a few years of being out of His will & continual relationship with Jesus, He restored us & loves us through it all!!
    Indeed loved & blessed of the,Lord.

  4. 1) My brother and sister in law both becoming ill within a couple weeks of each other then going on to be with Jesus within 2 months of each other. Though they are greatly missed, it is such a comfort to know they knew Jesus as their Lord and Savior! 2) My 10 year old grandson having brain surgery at the end of Jan. Watching God’s faithfulness to His promises as He brought him thru it and continues to heal and make him whole again! 3) Continual reminder of God’s unfailing love for us, whether we are on top of the mountain or deep in the valleys! He will not take us where He has not already been. Always choosing to trust Him!!!

  5. 1. My husband being passed over again not getting his promotion. (Such a heartbreaker, he is so deserving)

    2. My husband and I are working to heal our marriage, with counseling. I do love him although, I am heartbroken that I have come to realize I am not in love with him anymore. Praying those feelings will come back.

    3. I can see God growing us both, calling us closer to Him, through these trials.
    My husband has decided to read through the entire bible!!! I am so glad to him holding God’s word in his hands!

  6. 1. Really knowing & a better understanding of my Heavenly Father’s Love like never before.
    2. Becoming content right where I am each day.
    3. Trials do make us stronger. Praising the trials.

    1. Laura Rainey Dries

      Thank you for sharing, Barby! Love these surprises…especially “praising the trials”! I know it’s easier said than done but I’m impressed you’re choosing to trust Him through the refinement process!

  7. 1. Our son-in-law and daughter announced they were going to plant a church in Tx.(taking their 3 kids with them!)
    2. Our Pastor resigned.
    3. We got a new, refreshing Pastor within weeks.

    All surprises to us but not God.

  8. My 3 surprises of the past year:
    1. When our refrigerator quit, dear friends paid for a new one for us!
    2. Continued contraction of employees at my workplace – but God brought new students into my program.
    3. Reconnecting with a dear friend from childhood during our travels last summer

    1. Laura Rainey Dries

      Yay for all three of these! Great surprises and gifts from the Lord! Thank you for sharing, Sue.

  9. I don’t really have any close friends. Something I’ve longed for for many years. Coworkers and others like me but I’m the odd man out, so to speak being a Christian. I would love to have even one really close girlfriend. My prayer!!

    1. Laura Rainey Dries

      That has been one of my prayers throughout many moves and new cities! Praying for a “heart friend” for you, Christie!

  10. 1. The ways the Lord longs to show Himself to us daily, through His Word, through so many answered prayers and through others! 2. God’s faithfulness 3. The gift of fellowship He’s given me in some dear girlfriends!

  11. Renie Mullen Sebald

    Love this. It just gives an extra bit of thought and helps us to always be spiritually focused as friends too.

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