To the Woman Who Is Waiting This Mother’s Day

Right now I can think of a woman who is waiting…

Waiting to see two lines on the stick

Waiting to feel the flutter of tiny feet in her womb

Waiting for her tummy to round

Waiting for her dreams to come true.

She might be waiting for medical answers inside her body so that it can bear a child.

She might be waiting on her husband to finally decide he’s ready too.

She might be waiting for her womb to produce life that lasts this time after the heartache of loss too many times before.

She might be waiting for her own fears to subside.

Mostly though she’s waiting to see if God will give her what she wants. What she thinks she needs. What she desperately longs for: motherhood.

And while you wait, dear friend, you wonder if God really knows what He’s doing. If God’s way is the best way. If God has forgotten you. If God will ever provide.

So in this month that celebrates motherhood hopes and heartaches, I say to you YES. God knows what He’s doing.

My ESV devotional Psalter says about your difficulty and pain, “We will never experience a difficulty that goes deeper than what the Bible addresses. Your pain never outpaces His love because Adversity is not intended to diminish our hope in God. Adversity is intended to heighten our hope in Him. We are brought to remember that God is all we have, and that He is enough.”

His way is the best way. He will continue to provide.

With Himself.

Jesus promised, “I am with you always.”

With His new mercies of grace and nearness this morning and again with tomorrow’s pink-streaked sunrise.

With His sustaining, comforting presence while you walk a waiting journey.

The despair isn’t easy. The longings don’t subside. But He promises to be enough.

May you find in Him the peace and contentment to wait and trust His always good intentions for you.


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8 thoughts on “To the Woman Who Is Waiting This Mother’s Day”

  1. My husband and I have struggled with infertility for 14 years. We have unexplained infertility. Four years ago we miraculously became pregnant, only to lose the baby in miscarriage. Once again a several months ago we discovered we were miraculously pregnant. Yesterday, we went to our doctor for a checkup. When the picture of the baby came up on the sonogram screen, I knew instantly that my precious miracle was dead. It was lifeless, no heartbeat. It is so easy to lose myself in the heartache. But, when we came home I read your post and it reminded my heart of the truth. Thank you!

    1. Barbara Rainey

      Dear sweet Chastity,
      Thank you for writing and I’m so very sorry you have lost another precious baby. I simply cannot imagine though I have prayed with women who long to be pregnant and I’ve watched my daughter’s first born die after seven days.
      The only words of comfort come from Jesus himself for ours are too shallow. One day He Himself will wipe away every tear and will make all things new and sorrow will be over forever. Grateful the words of this post were there for you yesterday.
      May God give you comfort as only He can. May His presence protect your heart as you suffer surrounded by those who appear to be so happy and carefree. May you plant your hope in Him alone as much as you can. And I pray God grants you your request. May it be so Oh Lord.
      “You have…put my tears in your bottle. Are they not all in your book?”
      He sees and knows every tear.
      Bless you dear Chastity.

    2. Grieving with you sister-for me it was only 7 years of infertility and miscarriage before we were given our son and daughter. But I remember the immeasurable ache and monthly funeral dirge like it was just yesterday. I will be praying for you, for God to clearly carry you, comfort you, heal you. It is certainly my hope that you will be given this miracle so desperately desired. Much love to you dear lady.

  2. Bless the Lord and bless you. At one time I was the woman in waiting who unleashed my pain of waiting on my unsuspecting brother in response to a simple tease. The pain of waiting is great. Yet so is the refinement. So thankful for that waiting time now. Yes! Our Father knows what He’s doing. Thank you for posting this.

  3. Thank you so much for this post and remembering us childless women and men. I am 65 and have no children although I took care of women and babies and helped in many deliveries as a nurse in my career. I loved every minute of it. We would love to have a family of our own to show God’s love too. It is so sad to us that there are so many children out there who need good homes but it is so expensive to adopt. It pains us. As a childless woman, I don’t know what I would do without the Lord helping me through. Please ladies be sensitive to your childless friends. Know it is painful for us. I thank God for Mother’s. All of you are amazing people. Shout out to Mom in heaven. Happy Mother’s Day coming up Mom. Your Daughter, Deb

  4. Thank you for remembering the “want to be” moms.
    Two of my four daughters have infertility issues. It took two years before my grandson was born. My second daughter has been trying for one year, and had a miscarriage two days after we heard she was expecting.
    She is so hurt that she is second guessing to try again.
    Thank you for reminding us, He is enough.

  5. This is so precious. I so remember the ache and dread of Mother’s Day coming on the calendar when we were unable to bear children for 12 years of our marriage. This is exactly what all the heartbroken ladies need to hear at this time of year ~ or any time. Thanks, Barbara, for thinking of them.

    God so graciously gave us a child after an excruciating 12 year wait. But, what a blessing he is, our Matthew, now 24. Then God doubly blessed us with his precious sister, Heather, 23. What gifts they have been.

  6. Sarah Jackson

    Thank you for this sweet and considerate prayer and post. What a timely encouragement to seek Jesus as our true hope and satisfaction.

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