He Will Deliver Us

Everyone loves the Bible’s stories about Daniel. We identify with this hero because he was an underdog, a most unlikely victor just like David who faced Goliath.  Daniel was captured by a foreign enemy. Taken as a young teen from everything he knew.  With the other shackled youth of Israel, he was prodded along on foot by jeering soldiers all the way to Babylon. And that was just the beginning of the trials.

Likely you know the rest of the story; how Daniel found favor with the king, how he read the handwriting on the wall, how he refused to bow down to the golden statue, and more. God was with Daniel and honored his faith, a faith that was willing to suffer death rather than succumb to the temptations to play it safe.  

There are other verses that teach God is able, but I chose this as our last one because we all need role models. We all need someone who has gone before us who stood strong. Daniel is a stellar role model for all of us, but especially for our husbands and sons. I prayed for many years that God would develop in my husband the kind of courage and integrity that we see in Daniel’s life. I also prayed for the same kind of faith that believes God is able, that “nothing is too hard for God,” and “nothing is impossible with Him” (Jeremiah 32:17, Luke 1:37).

Will you pray this prayer for your husband and sons?

If you aren’t married pray this for the men in your life: your father, brother, friend, pastor, or others.

This model isn’t just for males. Esther was the same kind of young woman living in the same foreign country. She was willing to risk death too when she went before the king. Pray these qualities for your own life.

Read the story of Daniel as a family. 

-Talk about Daniel’s words, “but if not.” What did he mean when he said that? 

-Talk about the details of the story: their clothes didn’t even smell of smoke, how hot was the fire that even those who came near were burned, what the king said at the end.

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